Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Kelly Report Open Thread

Please use this thread to make comments on Sir Christopher Kelly's press conference as it proceeds.


Dungeekin said...

I suggest an expenses-related song.

'The (Grace) Kelly Report.


David Boothroyd said...

There is a mistake on page 22 which asserts "MPs did not have to pay capital gains tax on the sale of second homes". It was possible for MPs, as with non-MPs, to move their designation of main home as far as HMRC were concerned - a move encouraged by newspapers including the Telegraph as a way of minimizing tax. However, if a home was a second home, there was a legal obligation to pay CGT on any capital gain made by its sale. Many MPs did in fact pay.

Meanwhile, Iain, where are those insults you remembered me writing on "one of the Kaminski threads"? Have you got the link yet? Or were you lying about that?

Unsworth said...

Meanwhile Boothroyd give it a break, eh? The monomania is becoming too obvious.

Anyway, the fact that 'many MPs did in fact pay' doesn't negate the fact that many did not. In general, these thieves have now obtained another five years to pillage our monies. And I note that Nadine Dorries is mouthing off about this whole matter - having only days ago selected her daughter to act as her secretary/mother's little helper/whatever from the vast numbers of candidates for the strangely unadvertised post. Of course we can expect this young lady to bring enormous experience to bear on the arduous, some might say dangerous, task.

javelin said...

I hope Hector reviews this as well, and squares any circles ... or circles any squares if that's the case.

David Boothroyd said...

If Iain Dale wishes to succeed in politics, he ought to learn when it is right to apologize for mis-stating the truth. There were no insults posted by me in any thread about Michal Kaminski and I resent his propagation of this untruth as much as I resent his unwillingness to correct the record.