Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Heathrow Security Breach Discovered

The Sauce Blog has an exclusive about a very worrying breach of security at Heathrow Airport, which reportedly nearly led to the airport being closed down. Read it HERE.


Keith Elliott said...

Yes, very interesting article. It would appear that 'efficiency savings' could be to blame.

Another example of market failure?

Iain Dale said...

I would say a management failure, not a market failure.

Oliver Drew said...

Gulp. Fancy having an unsecured vehicle at an airport with all that access...crazy.

Anonymous said...

I've commented at The Sauce asking:

You said "A member of security staff... said: "A blue van had been searched but left the area with its back doors open. The DfT was able to smuggle an object onto to the back of the van.".

Where did the blue van go when it left the area? Did it go airside, or back out of the airport?

If it went out of the airport then it should have been searched again on its return. If it went airside then, as Anonymous saya above, any suspicious item must have already been smuggled in by some other route.

I'm presuming that the van left the airport, then returned, and, for some reason, wasn't searched. If so, why did the van leave, and why wasn't it searched again?

Any chance you can clarify these points please?

Thank you.