Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Liam Murray remembers why Alastair Campbell did what he did.
2. Mark Bathgate on Gordon Brown's two elementary mistakes.
3. Andrew Bolt on why the IPCC has beaten a retreat in India.
4. Tory Bear tries to prick Chuka Umunna's bubble.
5. Paul Waugh on a John Major comeback.
6. Luke Akehurst pleads with Gordon Brown to wait for 6 May.
7. Ellee Seymour is outraged at government ignorance over hospital infections.
8. Guido on communism, circulation, The Speccie and The Staggers.
9. Craig Murray on the Gordon Brown letter.
10. ConservativeHome on the change of heart by South West Norfolk Conservatives.
11. Max Atkinson recalls John Nott's famous walkout.
12. Welsh Ramblings on the farce of Aneurin Glydwyr.


Anonymous said...

Why is Cameron even considering giving unelected peers roles as ministers? And if one of those is to be John Major, does he think nobody will mind? Seriously?

Didn't he say he wanted more accountability and proper representation? How will temporary peerages accomplish that?

At Brown's last reshuffle, didn't he complain about all the unelected peers in government?

Why is Cameron proposing to fund fake charities with taxpayers' money? How is that any different to QUANGOcracy and its attendant unaccountability apart from its books being unavailable and it being except from FOI?

Cameron seems to say one thing and do another. We will judge him by his actions, come polling day.

Anonymous said...

Erm, I meant "exempt".