Monday, November 09, 2009

(Return of the) The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Tory Rascal interview LibDem blogger Mark Reckons.
2. Charlotte Gore explains why she changed her mind over Brown's letter.
3. Nadine Dorries bemoans the departure of another Labour MP.
4. Shane Greer is soliciting Labour Party members ... by offering pizza. Don't think Kerry McCarthy will be replying, though.
5. Tom Harris on why taxing the rich is a bad thing.
6. Grimmer Up North becomes the latest Labour blogger to quit blogging.
7. Alastair Campbell says Labour must quit thinking like losers.
8. Ellee Seymour wonders if the Conservatives could possibly win back Cambridge.
9. Tory Bear on how Labour's Twitter Czar confirmed David Cameron's assertion that too many tweets...
10. Paul Waugh's advice to Gordon: When in a hole...
11. John Redwood on the Berlin Wall and capitalism.
12. Ben Brogan uttters the immortal words: "Prime Minister Harman". Be afraid.


Kate j Norden said...

Charlotte is funny, but the GB condolence letter was a CWOT non-story

Kate j Norden said...

Charlotte is funny, but the condolence letter was in an irritating non-story in my view. Grieving mothers to score non-points.

Frugal Dougal said...

And it's a welcome return to the feature!

subrosa said...

I must have upset you Iain or my posts don't deserve a mention.

Like teacher said a few lifetimes ago 'I must do better." :)

trevorsden said...

The Daley Dozen Strikes Back

Revenge of the Daley Dozen

Curse of the Daley Dozen

Beyond the Planet of the Daley Dozen

In the Land of the Daley Dozen that Time Forgot

Abbot and Costello Meet the Daley Dozen

Iain Dale said...

Subrosa, Not quite sure why you think you have upset me. You most certainly haven't. This is the first time i have done a DD for a month!

trevorsden said...

I have previously said that Ed Milliband is a shoo-in for next labour leader. But watching him on Newsnight I have just seen his mouth, wibbling and wobbling all over the place. Its making me feel sea sick.

He has got a lazy eye as well, surely labour cannot have two leaders on the trot who look shifty?

Still he does not have a beard.

The Grim Reaper said...

Hello? Any Labour bloggers still out there? *shouts* HELLO?

No, Kerry McCarthy doesn't count...

Ollie Cromwell said...

Iain, Mind your diet if you are around on Wednesday, a little bird told me Shane has arranged quite a feast from the blogospheres favourite Pizza company.

Chris Paul said...

Thinks: The Shane Greer attempt at happy slapping Kerry McCarthy MP on Twitter may be one of the most unedifying things ever seen on Twitter. Total lack of proportion, sense of humour, etc. Why this merits two links in the DD is beyond me.

Shane's Stiff Little Fingers interest is clearly rather anomalous and worth a challenge, and between him and his friend from the TPA there was some rank foolishness going on. With DoGs from Shane along the lines of "Don't you know who I am?"

A Martian landing on earth and witnessing this might assume that SG, TB and TPA idiot had all seriously overdosed on cooking lager or Thunderbird. Or something like that.