Monday, November 02, 2009

Conservative History Group: Ion Trewin on Alan Clark

The Conservative History Group will be holding another speaker meeting tomorrow evening, 3 November in the Grimond Room, Portcullis House, House of Commons at 6.30pm.

The speaker is Ion Trewin, who has just written a biography of Alan Clark, and also edited his diaries.

The meeting is open to non members who should register by emailing

info AT conservativehistory DOT org DOT uk


English First said...

Can I chat, at the history group, about Heath please? How he committed treason? The facts are the facts! All proof is now in the public domain! How about a public and open debate? Or perhaps the Tories wouldn`t dare!!

Come alomg to the British Constitution Group Meeting, London, 31 October 2009

Put your case, if you can!

Roger Dodger said...

Alan Clark is my own personnel Jesus.

Nigel said...

>>own personnel Jesus<<

I think it's called human resources these days.

And I'm not sure Jesus would have approved of either fascism or serial adultery.

dearieme said...

The Duke of Omnium. Or do I mean Odium?

Roger Dodger said...

That is why I have replaced the real Jesus with Alan Clark.

His views on adultery are far more progressive.

The fascism bit is over my head. Either there is a whole side of Clark I am unaware of or you don't understand what fascism is. There is a fair chance of both.

Nigel said...

Will this do for you, Roger ?
... In 1981 his diary records: ‘I told Frank Johnson that I was a Nazi; I really believed it to be the ideal system, and that it was a disaster for the Anglo-Saxon races and for the world that it was extinguished.’
Johnson, who was then on the staff of The Times, gulps and tells Clark that he can’t really mean it. Clark really did mean it. But even when he complains in his diary that Johnson ‘takes refuge in the convention that Alan-doesn’t-really-mean-it’, his readers continue to believe that this is all an uproarious joke...

I'm not sure I'd characterize his attitude to women as 'progressive'. :)
(And I think you meant 'personal Jesus'.)

David said...

I was actually thinking about the CHG today actually.

Iain, When is the next edition of the Journal being published?

Quietzapple said...

Clark was amusing.

I hope the ladies found him engaging also.

As God made sex his leading joke he may have regarded Alan as a bit of a mensch in some ways.

Blair - St Louis USA said...

Excellent biography. American readers still must order through Amazon UK or other UK retailers, though.

Unsworth said...

@ Nigel

National Socialism is a Very Bad Thing, then?

And how do you feel about the Mitfords?

I think you may not understand that much of what Clark said to others was to wind them up. In that endeavour he was often very successful.

Sunder Katwala said...

Roger Dodger,

Trewin reports a contemporary of Clark saying that "he was very unpopular at Eton because he was a Nazi; no question about it. He supported the Nazi party." Clark was 11 in 1939 and 17 when he left Eton in 1945. The odd thing is that he claimed not to have changed his view over the next half century.

As the reviews of Trewin's book discussed extensively, Clark often stressed that he was serious about his support for Nazism and his sympathy for the NF in Britain, and expressed his frustration that many people refused to take him seriously and thought he was just trying to be shocking.

subrosa said...

Iain, did you pick this up yesterday? The Scottish Parliament have decided MSPs can claim for Remembrance wreaths on expenses.