Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Top Ten ways Ming can Support Gordon Brown


Our Top Ten List on Vox Politix tonight will be the TOP TEN WAYS MING CAN SUPPORT GORDON BROWN. Your suggestions please...


Harry Haddock said...

By continuing to be crap, thus meaning lefty nutters have to vote for Labour

Ed said...

By whipping his MPs against a referendum.

Liberal Republican said...


Anonymous said...

Staying leader of the Lib Dems

fred said...

Stay as Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

Carry on as leader of the Lib Dems.

Anonymous said...

Send a circular letter out to all voters in lib dem-held constituencies asking them to vote tory.

Cameron and Brown clearly want the same policies on most things so this would help Brown no end.

Richard said...

The former's nickname invites unimaginative newspaper columnists to label them "Ming the Merciless and Flash Gordon". Several 'berliner'-size newspapers publish hilarious caricatures of Mr Brown dressed in sparkly red spandex. Mr Brown secretly enjoys this, as does Sara, and it improves their sex life.

Chris Paul said...

1. Hanging on in there
2. Hanging on in there
3. Hanging on in there
4. Hanging on in there
5. Hanging on in there
6. Hanging on in there
7. Hanging on in there
8. Hanging on in there
9. Hanging on in there
10. Going with blood on carpet

AnyoneButBrown said...

1) Agree that the EU Treaty is different from the constitution (or so Giscard tells me), so there is really no need for a tiresome referendum
2) Agree that the FibDems will support NuLab in a coalition government, but only if I get a nice job, say Foreign Secretary, a nice car and Mrs. Ming gets to meet the queen
3) Criticises the Conservatives Broken Society agenda and agrees with NuLab that we need more welfare
4) Tempers criticism of the Iraq debacle as "my mate Gordon is trying to get us out"
5) Ensure that through his general ineptitude that all the Labour votes hoovered up in the last election return back to Labour
6) but....campaign hard in the South of England to ensure that the Tories don't do likewise

strapworld said...

1. Merge the Lib Dems with the Labour Party.
2. Agree to become the Foreign Secretary.
3. Let Charles Kennedy become Health Secretary.
4. Agree to never ask any penetrating questions at question time.
5. Agree to Paddy Ashdown becoming zsar of Iraq.
6. Never raise the 'scottish question'.
7. Let Gordon have a free copy of his book. "Success in Politics Volume 1."
8. Give Gordon his running shoes = he will need them shortly.
9. Allow Gordon to call the new party "The New Labour yet Liberal yet still Democratic but more Socialist Party of Britain".
10. Give Gordon lessons on Charisma and charm in dealing with the people.

Anonymous said...

he can help by either not resigning, or not dieing.

Anonymous said...

Stay on as leader of the Lib Dems

Rocker said...

He is bleeding votes to Brown and Cameron so just staying leader seems to do the trick

Anonymous said...

As a pall bearer.

Adam Czarnowski said...

AS everyone has said, more or less: by continuing to be utter rubbish and therefore totally unelectable