Monday, September 17, 2007

Top Ten Easier Targets than the Lib Dems.


Our Top Ten List on Vox Politix tonight will be the TOP TEN EASIER TARGETS THAN THE LIB DEMS. Your suggestions please...


mark williams said...

John Prescott

Anonymous said...

A small child with a lollipop

Iran's Nuclear facilities

Any goverment target

Anonymous said...

Certainly not Shane Greer's originality processes. One club golfer are we?

Daily Referendum said...

Ming's foot - he never misses

Laurence Boyce said...

Marxism, communism, socialism, and the Conservative party.

Chris Paul said...

David Cameron
Wotsit Osbourne
John Gummer
John Redwood
Boris Johnson
Nadine Dorries
Iain Dale
Iain Dale's Monkey
Mr GuFf
Runaway Capitalism

Rocker said...

Any England Football manager

Madasafish said...

The NHS and MRSA
Chris Paul

verity said...

Please! This is torture!

No more Top Ten lists! They are toe-crunchingly boring except when they have a genuine point.

No more Lib Dems! They are toe-crunchingly boring without exception as they have no point.

Marquee Mark said...

George Bush

James of England said...


Letters From A Tory said...

A small cow's arse with a very large shovel.

Gordon Brown's charisma.

Anonymous said...

OJ Simpson

C4' said...

Laurence Boyce

HF said...

10. The England Rugby team
9. Ken Livingstone
8. Portuguese detectives
7. John Gummer
6. Blunkett's choice of dates
5. What Rosie Winterton puts on her hair
4. Harriet Harperson's management skills
3. John Prescott as an ambassador
2. Gordon Brown as a big tent person
1. That the words Liberal Democrat are an oxymoron.

Matthew Dear said...

The England Rugby team

Red Tamarin said...

Robert Kilroy-Silk
English national sporting teams
Fish. In a barrel. Already dead.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown - in about 5 minutes.

Daily Referendum said...

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown's mouth

machiavelli said...

The late, great, Sir Cyril Smith.

Anonymous said...

The 10 most unfunny lists of 10. You'll get over these obsessions when you get into big school.

Anonymous,as always, Victor

Tone made me do it - he's a bad influence said...

1. The Government's handling of The Great 2007 Bank Run.
2. ditto
3 ditto
4 ditto
5 ditto
6 ditto
7 ditto
8 ditto
9 ditto
10 ditto

Some government minister twat on PM just now, thought about blaming the Tories for it, then changed his mind.

They have no idea there is a crisis yet.

He refused to answer this simple question "Would you invest your money in Northern Rock?"

Who the f has briefed him? The UK has come to expect Churchill's in a crisis, this time we don't even have a Chamberlain, this time we have Quislings, lots and lots of little Quislings running around.

Be afraid, be very very afraid, -they don't even KNOW there's a crisis, let alone how to handle it.

Man in a Shed said...

Fish in a barrel ?

( Harry Haddock - you should be aware that the child will have been given the lollipop by Lib Dem canvassers in exchange for posting leaflets. They should of course be paying the minimum wage - so in effect they will already have stolen from them ).

Anonymous said...


Laurence Boyce said...

Hey C4, I am a Lib Dem. Otherwise it was a hilarious suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Please! This is torture!

No more Verity! She istoe-crunchingly boring without exception and she is clearly from the land of points (H Nillson).

Anonymous said...

Minge Campbell is a stupid old buffoon who smells of piss.

fib dems said...

10. Saddam Hussein's armoured infantry and tanks.
9. England's rugby team.
8. Steve McClaren.
7. Patricia Hewitt.
6. Roof Kelly.
5. The BBC.
4. An English batsman's stumps.
3. Phoney Blair.
2. Call me Dave Camoron.
1. Crash Gordon.

Marquee Mark said...

British troops with US aircraft.....

Anonymous said...

The Lesser Spotted Lethargic Barrel Trout.