Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Mark Field thinks it is time to tackle inflation.
2. Mark Wallace highlights another Labour hypocrite on AV.
3. Guido reports that sexist Laurie Penny is exploiting the unemployed.
4. David Laws still stands by the decision to cut spending.
5. Left Foot Forward points out that inflation hits the oldest, hardest.
6. High Tory wants to abolish political parties.
7. Ed Staite looks at solutions to solve homelessness.
8. Max Atkinson analyses JFK's inauguration speech 50 years on.
9. Philip Booth calls for end to EU monopoly money.
10. David Blackburn discovers that David Davis and Jack Straw are united.
11. Adam Collyer reckons Labour are fighting for Labour's sake.
12. Jan Boucek is not happy with a pay but for the poor.

1 comment:

javelin said...

I'd like to see the MPE all disclose their mortgages on all their properties. I suspect the reason they don't want to raise interest rates is because they don't want to pay more on their mortgages.

Can you imagine voting to put your own mortgage up?

Turkeys voting for Christmas?

Surely if this is allowed to continue it undermines any credibility the BofE has as a regulator - when their most important function is crooked by conflict of interest?

A simple solution is that interest is paid on their mortgages as part of their salary.