Monday, January 31, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Harry Aldridge on how the government can help small businesses.
2. Ben Brogan has all the details on what is going on in the Lords.
3. City Unslicker sympathises with Tony Blair.
4. Samuel Coates is off to fight for Queen and Country.
5. Coffee House list 10 things you need to know about NHS reform.
6. Olly Grender overheard some journalists in Portcullis House.
7. Norman Tebbit thinks the government is going too much, too fast.
8. Dave Hill reckons the next few days are going to be interesting.
9. Mark Ferguson interviews John Healey.
10. Pimlico Plumbers makes a surprise appearance in the Daley Dozen.
11. Biteback are pleased as Peter Sissons is let loose on the set of Loose Women.
12. The BBC takes a look at John Bercow's past, present and future:

1 comment:

Lord Lillis said...

I just reviewed the Bercow piece from the BBC. It really is a horrible piece of television journalism.

Being in the US could someone tell me: Is that fairly standard fare from BBC?