Monday, January 10, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Iain Martin has the David Miliband TV ideas document.
2. Guido wants the Guardian to practice want it preaches.
3. Stephen Tall writes that the Lib Dems DON'T want an electoral pact.
4. Eamonn Butler thinks it is madness to crush uninsured cars.
5. Norman Tebbit reckons votes for criminals is an affront to demcoracy.
6. Adam Boulton reveals that Stuart Wheeler has defected to UKIP.
7. Left Foot Forward take advice from Tim Montogomerie.
8. Darrell Goodliffe wants Jack Straw to apologise.
9. Matthew d'Ancona says "there is no pleasing some people".
10. Political Scrapbook isn't happy with Lib Dems leaflets.
11. Phil Cane says No2AV.
12. Rene Kinzitt says Yes2AV.

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