Monday, January 17, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Paul Goodman looks back at the John Bercow he knew.
2. Julia Manning welcomes changes to the NHS.
3. Dizzy reckons Cameron is a bit of an eccentric.
4. Dominic Ponsford has hit a wall of silence from the press.
5. Direct Democracy opposes AV.
6. James Cleverly welcomes driverless trains.
7. Not a Sheep shows how Labour were planning a VAT increase too.
8. David Hughes isn't suprised that Reagan is the only "great" post war President.
9. A Very British Dude reviews Tim Worstall's latest book.
10. Neil Carmichael thinks volunteers enrich society.
11. David Blackburn questions whether it is too far, too fast?
12. Alastair Campbell asks if there are any great speeches any more?

1 comment:

javelin said...

Off topic - sack the MPC.

Their job is to control inflation. If they have been given the responsibility and not enough authority (e.g fiscal recommendations) they should resign. If not they should all be sacked in disgrace.