Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Cicero's Songs doesn't like the direction that Biritsh politics is going in.
2. David Campbell isn't sure that climate change policy is delivering.
3. Mark Thompson reckons Labour are incapable of being in a coaliton.
4. Daniel Hamilton has concerns about Hungary's media laws.
5. Chris Daniel welcomes stronger freedom of information powers.
6. Ed Balls wants control orders to stay.
7. Katharine Birbalsingh will do everything to stop the NUT getting their way.
8. Stumbling and Mumbling thinks looks count in politics.
9. Mark Wallace reports that Europhiles want the USA to bail them out now.
10. Stephanie Lis is against editing out racist words in "Huck Finn".
11. Political Scrapbook has Two Jags Prescott doing the Rocky routine.
12. And finally Jonathan Isaby brings us the good news Conservative Spring Forum is in Cardiff.

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