Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Matt Hancock on the man who bankrupted Britain, Ed Balls.
2. But Fraser Nelson says we underestimate him at our peril.
3. David Blackburn analyses Baroness Warsi's comments.
4. Nick Robinson reckons Cameron is facing defeat.
5. Shamik Das just doesn't know what Simon Hughes is doing.
6. Londoner's Diary thinks Peter Mandelson must be feeling good.
7. Walaa Idris is a Tory and proud of it.
8. Mark Cole welcomes the Government restoring civil liberties.
9. Ruth Barnett reports on Music Tie Gate.
10. The BBC has a brilliant video of old Question Time clashes.
11. The Freedom Association are happy that Jeremy Hunt defended them.
12. Iain Martin looks back to the Prime Minister that never was.


javelin said...

Jut remember this. It is not in Ed Balls interest for Ed Milliband to win the next election. Labour will lose and Ed Milliband will be replaced by Ed Balls. Ed Balls will be so happy that Ed Milkivand rather than David Milliband is the leader he will try to dipose.

Labour will now start to fall in the polls because of Milliband.

Jeremy Hartley said...

Ed Balls is the secret guardian appointed by the Illuminati to control Ed Milliband.