Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Mark Pack takes a look at the future of election expenses.
2. No2AV wishes ippr would stay on message.
3. Matthew Sinclair gives George Monbiot a good fisking.
4. Working Class Tory has a must read document for you.
5. Paul Flynn remembers David Taylor.
6. Michael Heaver isn't too hopeful for the Lib Dem's in Oldham.
7. Welcome back Mike Rouse!
8. Walaa Idris reckons it's IPSA vs MPs.
9. A Very British Dude analyses Miliband's first 100 days.
10. Slugger o'Toole wants a Yes vote for Wales.
11. The ASI look at what Keynes would have thought of the Laffer Curve.
12. Sara Bedford sends her condolences to Rachel Smith's family. She willl be missed.


Jonathan Calder said...

Shouldn't this feature be renamed "In My Tucker Bag"?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug Grant.