Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Open Thread

As I am in the air for most of today, I'm going to leave you to it to discuss what you like in this open thread. Here are a few topic suggestions....

  • Is Bob Crow the biggest w****r in Britain?
  • Should Shahid Malik resign for a second time?
  • Will Ahmadinejad win the Iranian election?
  • What will Berlusconi & Gadaffi say to each other?

Or indeed, anything else you fancy!


Big Mouth said...

Crow is indeed a jacked up little Commie. The fact that he thinks he represents workers on a big scale is laughable.

Tory Teacake said...

How about:

'Has George Osborne's flipping antics turned him into a liability for Cameron?'

'Should the Conservative party shun OUCA altogether? Should they extend the extend the 'ban' on the Shadow Cabinet doing speaker events to any party figure?'

Constantly Furious said...

Are all Labour supporters this deluded?

One stated this morning that the slight upturn in demand for oil in China is because "Brown's economic plan continues to to work"

Dear god.

JuliaM said...

"Is Bob Crow the biggest w****r in Britain?"

Not if Brown is still PM as I type...

"Should Shahid Malik resign for a second time?"

Why give him the opportunity?

"Will Ahmadinejad win the Iranian election?"

Do bears s**t in the Vatican?

Gaydo Fucks said...

Yes, Bob Crow is a wanker, but not the biggest in Britain, that honour is reserved for Jeff Hoon.

Yes, Malik should resign for a second time, he's a dodgy bugger.

No, Ahmadinejad won't win. Fingers crossed.

Berlusconi: Do you want to stay in my villa?
Gadafii: No, I have a tent. Do you mind if I camp next to the pool?

Terry Stynes said...

Can I ask any Liberal voters that post here a question?

Nick Clegg is angry about the way Labour have "eroded" our civil liberties. So am I, yet Clegg is opposed to a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty which will GUARANTEE our civil liberties are eroded even further.

My question is ... why would anybody vote Lib Dem??

Daily Referendum said...

Iain another question for debate:

Is Gordon Brown gaining a reputation as a liar among the general public?

Bob Roberts From Worcester said...

Bob Crow is not the biggest wanker in Britain as Gordon Brown and several members of his cabinet easily beat him to that,however he's the biggest wanker in the Trade Union movement as a whole.
He's not well liked and his Union is on the verge of being booted out of the TUC.

Norton Folgate said...
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Man in a Shed said...

"Should Shahid Malik resign for a second time?"

And if he does will we have to make him a European commissioner ?

Norton Folgate said...

Malik has resorted to playing the Muslim card, according to the now available report, apparently muslims prefer to pay cash have a religious and cultural aversion to receipts.

Convienient eh?

Man in a Shed said...

@Daily Referendum:

This is the way to go - hold Brown's feet to the fire of his lies and deceit.

This Observer said...

A politics based discussion in the coomments of a political blog? How cliche!

I'd like to take this thread in an altogether different route...

Despite what farmers say, foreign meat is obviously preferable to local meat produce because it is better travelled...


no longer anonymous said...

George @ 2:03 you are a sick and twisted person but to be fair that's my sort of messed up humour and I did laugh.

George said...

Spank you very much no longer anonymous.

Houdini said...

Is Bob Crow the biggest w****r in Britain?

No he isn't. He is doing what he is paid to do, and encouraged to do by the union system the Labour party is now in hock to.
Should Shahid Malik resign for a second time?

Again and most emphatically no. Malik has the ear of Brown and as a muslim has the race [sic] card to play, and he will play it. Looking at many of the Youtube performances this man has little or no shame, and any MP who can claim to be the highest expense claiming in Parliament must be brazen.

Will Ahmadinejad win the Iranian election?

This isn't a serious question is it?

What will Berlusconi & Gadaffi say to each other?

Do you want to compare harems?

golfwidow said...

George @2.03 - why don't you go off in search of Damian McBride? He'd probably appreciate you.

Penfold said...

Q. Is Bob Crow the biggest w****r in Britain?

A. Possibly, if you exclude elected politicians and unelected PM's.

Q. Should Shahid Malik resign for a second time?

A. Well if he does, then he's a shooo in for a Commissar's job in Brussels and lots of unreceipted cash/expenses.

Q. Will Ahmadinejad win the Iranian election?

A. Who cares, it's an internal Iranian thing, like womens' problems, intractable, problematical, inpenetrable and a pain.

Q. What will Berlusconi & Gadaffi say to each other?

A. Does anyone give a damn.

Dolly said...

How do you know that I'm not McBride?

DMC said...

I would like to talk about Caroline Flint on GMTV this morning.

Pedging her support for Gordon Brown and saying he isnt sexist?

Confused anybody?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Anonymous said...

Crow is an antedeluvian joke. Pity that the joke is on us. If Cameron wins the first statute to pass would ban strikes unless 75% of those eligible to vote approved the strike.

Malik fails the fish test. OUT!

Means Test ACA said...

I can't help feeling that Malik's getting a rough ride over this one. I've just read through his report and basically it seems to come down to a couple of things.

1. He paid part of his rent in cash, ostensibly for cultural reasons, but being honest it was probably a VAT evasion thing for the Landlord.

2. His house was in a rubbish and cheap area of town, which people in London can't believe he lived in.

3. One of his constituency workers dosses there some nights to avoid going back to Burnley (I don't blame him, personally).

4. The landlord interviewed had nothing to do with Malik, just worked for the same company, and got his facts wrong.

Anonymous said...

West Ham are SHIT.

Swiss Bob said...

Why isn't Richard Shepherd on the front bench? Has he some ghastly secret?

A fine speech: Dissolution of Parliament – The Rt Hon Richard Shepherd MP, the Ace in the busted flush.

McGroom said...

Did ya here the one about about the townie veggie munching fireman on a farm that thought chick crumbs were what girls ate.

He thought Cow Cake was cottage pie

He thought grazing was when you scuffed your knuckles on the tender.

Durum is the the North

hay is a greeting

Hoggs are motorbikes

Byer is a bloke on the back benches

Meal is the crumbs chicks eat

Nurse crop are NHS totty

Rough grazing is fast food

Steer is what you do with the moving tender

Suckler is a Tory voter

Anonymous said...

Tory Teacake (1.52pm) - Osborne has long been a liability as Shadow Chancellor, the sooner Cameron puts the good the party above loyalty to his mate, the better. Osborne is basicly clueless about economics - although he's been learning on the job and obviously has some good people briefing him sometimes - and would be much better off as party chairman, to indulge his skills at schmoozing and organisation.

More importantly - how will Bob Crow react to a 10% cut in his members' pay, as per Labour policy expressed in the Budget?

In fact it could be worse than that as the 10% cut assumes no downgrades from the ratings agencies, an ever-grateful bond market continuing to buy gilts, and CPI inflation remaining at 2%.

The Purpleline said...

Silvio Burlesq-macarroni (sic) Hey Muammar 'Gadaffi duck' stop farting or you will turn off da 72 nimble 16-year old virgins I purchased on the way here.

Gaddafi Ok, Silvio, Sheep’s Eye?

Silvio- No, my eyes are both good, lookada the birds I bought you, perhaps you should have invited Gorgoyle Broon from Great Scotland, he is dodgy eye prime minister.

Gaddafi- I would give him two Camels for a night of Passion with his misses.

Silvio- That will be the first bit of passion she has ever known. After dinner, I will tell you about wife swapping with foreign leaders in Sicily. Now about that liquefied natural Gas contract, sure does pen and ink in this tent mate, is it you or the LNG.

Anonymous said...

We know Ian has a Lady Chatterley type passion for Bob, but no need to be bitter because you'll never have him.

Bob Crow is a national hero, old fashionedly pro working class AND capital punishment. Far more in touch with the majority than your bunch of effete public school boys will ever be.

Anonymous said...

'Has George Osborne's flipping antics turned him into a liability for Cameron?'

Why haven't the multi millionaire couple the camerons been flayed for claiming hundreds of thousands on their mortgage. It's not called the Torygraph for nothing. Pro Tory media establishment, surely not?

Lovely wisteria though.

Anonymous said...

I opt for Malik, best chance of success.

smerus said...

'Should Shahid Malik resign for a second time?' As this two-bit time-server is of no consequence to anyone, surely this begs the much more interesting question, 'why and how was he appointed a second time?'

Thats News said...

With Wee Jimmy Brown about, no, Bob will never get number 'one' billing!


Not on the ball with the Telegraph! Hint Guido and Dale started covering this ages and ages ago!

Me vs Maradona vs Elvis said...

"Bob Crow is a national hero"

58,000 England fans were chanting something different at Wembley last night...

Plenty said...

The only thing in Crow's favour is his toffy tweed jacket, nice. He thinks he's a gangster. At the end of the day, these people think they are looking after the 'little' man in the street, but all their doing is feathering their own nests....

Gordon Brown said...

@George 203pm: It's idiots like you who force Iain to have to switch on comment moderation and spoil the spontaneous debate that occurs when comments do not need to be approved. One day when you grow up, you'll understand. CBBC is about to start. You had better go and sit in front of the TV now in case you miss Playschool.

Anonymous said...

1. yes
2. yes
3. who gives a flying fuck?
4. who gives a flying fuck?

Anonymous said...

Malik. We've just had Parliamentary Standards Commissioner Sir Philip Mawer say:

he had not thought this "unusual" or a "means of tax avoidance" as he knew the manager of the property company was a "strictly practising Muslim" who as a "matter of religious observance or a cultural norm" would have preferred to deal in cash.


After studying Mr Malik's bank statements and paperwork provided by the property company, concluded "it is more likely than not that these cash payments were made".

So we seem to have official recognition that it's OK for certain section of the community to operate on a cash basis and it's NOT tax evasion. I'm sure we'd all like to "deal in cash" and just tell the taxman a load of porkies. Should I change my religion now?

And, secondly as he doesn't know if Malik paid or not, he just takes his word for it saying "payments were likely to have been made".

No wonder they didn't want any part of this report published. It's a total and utter whitewash.

Brown has gone on to say when questioned about Malik:

"he would be answerable to independent auditors - like all other MPs - over any further allegations"

So just how will they audit Mr."No Receipts" Malik?

So Brown blunders on and on and on. If this his idea of "cleaning up the expenses row" then he really is the horse's arse of this pantomine government.

Anonymous said...

There's the predictable series of Downfall videos circulating about the elections...

Anonymous said...

What's surprising is that anyone believes anything Brown says - on any issue. Has there ever been a man so utterly discredited, and still given the benefit of the doubt?

In any normal, functioning democracy - where sanity is the norm - he would have been booted out of office by his own party.

Appalling that he is STILL the PM.

Fausty said...

There are 349 Labour MPs and the motion to dissolve Parliament was defeated by 340 to 268.

Isn't it perverse that a government with a majority can vote to keep itself in power?

The government lies and evades answering questions with ease and without conscience, as yesterday's proceedings in the HoC showed.

Hague summed up the democratic deficit and the need for a GE perfectly, in the dissolution debate.

Thomas Rossetti said...

Iain, while I'm in agreement with you that Bob Crow may not be the most logical individual (and I certainly think this strike was misjudged), you do yourself no favours when you describe him as a "w****r" or say that you'd like to "deck" him. Though you may be joking, this kind of language will only be used against you later.

Although Crow may be the chief villain, there are lots of villains below him. He alone did not cause the strike. Those poor misguided fools who drive the trains voted in favour of the move.

Twitter page

Plato said...

Rather excellent Train Spotting mash-up

And Mr Referendum - here is some research that says Labour are corrupt, divided and don't know who they are - marvellous!

javelin said...

Shady Shahid should resign. He let himself be promoted back into the cabinet knowing it would embarass Brown. If Brown intends to get a grip on his party this is exactly the kind of thing he needs to stop. But of couse he won't because he's a loser.

javelin said...

I think Gadaffi will slip Berlusconi some teen-shoe porn.

Daily Referendum said...

Ooops! From the BBC: Mail privatisation 'to go ahead' What's that I hear hitting the fan?

Anonymous said...

Workers give extremists jobs as union leaders because they get the best deal. it's not a matter of political opinion - it's purely financial - like duckhouses!
How many so called 'workers' went off sick just prior to the strike to get sick money throughout? I certainly noted the canCellations through 'staff shortages'!

Sue said...

1. No, Gordon Brown is.
2. No, he should be sacked.
3. No.
4. Not much I expect!

Anonymous said...

While the cats away, lets get to it and ef'n'blind like sailors. I imagine that Iain is averagely hung and after all boys they're all average wherever you stick it!

Malik is a greasy little opportunist, who gives a beige turd what his ethnicity may be. Its a narrow pole which frankly only a slippery twat would try and hide behind.

1. He's not getting a rough ride, he's getting what he deserved and didn't pay his rent in cash for cultural reasons, he was just trying a fast one. Much like the chaps that fix my car in Southall.

2. Its not that people in London can't believe he lived in such a shithole, you must be utterly niave to think for as long it takes to fart that he actually lived there let alone park his Mercedes outside it.

3. One of his constituency workers is about as likely to doss there as Iain Dale is likely to bone a stewardess this afternoon.

4. The landlord interviewed knew him very well and probably still does, via a family member who doesn't doss in that tosshole either.

Some people will believe any old shit!

javelin said...

Tom Watson really does take the biscuit. Writing in the Guardian ...

He wants to give power to Parliament and away from No 10 [and the whips]. This from a man who has been at the heart of a group of some of the nastiest minds in the history of British Government - who have smeared and sought to de-stabalise politicians wives by exploiting their emotional weakness.

If being an unethical hypocrite was a crime Tom would be joining his "amis normaux" in Broadmoor prison.

Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly Bob Crow is a w*****r but he's not the biggest - Gordon Brown successfully defends that particularly title on an hourly basis.

Bob Crow is possibly the soapiest w*****r - he was wearing the same too tight, too young, bottle green turtle neck top (that shows off his tits a treat) on both Channel 4news last night and BBC One's Breakfast News this morning.

Then again, perhaps he couldn't get home to change because there is a FECKING TUBE STRIKE ON.

10% CUTS ALL ROUND said...

It is difficult to become a bigger asset to the Tories than Gordon Liar-Brown but I think Malik has managed it.Sir Philip Mawer has swallowed his story hook,line and sinker.It is obvious that something dodgy was going on,probably the cash part being paid by the constiuency worker.Did he actually see the company accounts or just accept the accoutants version of them?Now it seems the creep has been claiming for a second office.He is doomed.

Constantly Furious said...

Should Shahid Malik resign again?

Of course he bloody well should.

And Malik’s story? Surely: The Most Pathetic Excuse Ever.

Why drag religion into tax evasion?

Could it be that, when he was caught red-handed, he scuttled off behind the big, heavy, protective curtain that protects all those who say “But I’m a Muslim, innit?”

I'm a dinner jacket said...

I see Mr Malik has used the predictable excuse for paying his rent in readies rather than direct debits. It's cos he's a muslim. Using religion is ok if you're a muslim. No paper trails required. Or accountability.
President I'm a dinner jacket will probably win. Not that the other options would have been any better.
Watch for Israel finally getting a grip and flattening their reactors. Unless they want to be toast.

Can't we get shut of them? said...

Why did Brown want Malik back anyway? Is he that short of talent? Or is there a 'quota' which Malik's background fulfills??

Fascinating how spinless the Lab MPs are.

Sir Monkington-Smythe said...

I have just had the pleasure of listening to Gordon Brown giving us his views about Cristiano Ronaldo being sold to Madrid. Apparently, Gordon isn't worried because he knows Sir Alex Ferguson well and is sure that he will use the money not only to improve the standing of Manchester United, but also that of English football.

I keenly await Gordon's view about Kevin Nolan's possible transfer to Wigan Athletic, and I am pleased that our PM is not bothering himself about the minutae of government, such as the economy, or the fact that his colleagues are either trying to get rid of him or building taxpayer funded property portfolios. After all, it is not like we are in the middle of a fucking recession or anything.

Anonymous said...

Yes,Yes,No,Your place or mine?

T England. Raised from the dead. said...

I’d like to know,
why it is seen by some that if I decide to vote, support & maybe even become a member of the right/left wing fascist BNP I am seen by some as making a bad judgement, to say the least, but David Cameron can not only support the left wing fascist bully boy rent a crowd UAF but unbelievably be a PATRON of them nobody seems to say a word.

I only found out recently that he was, thanks to Nick Griffin telling me on SKY news, I wish I’d done more digging on Cameron before supporting him, anyhow! Since then I don’t want anything more to do with him & the Tories, after me being a life long Tory supporter & blogging the Tory cause for over three years.

I’m so mad that I have been, as I see it, deceived by him & the Tories about their connections to the left I’m almost spitting blood, it was two days ago I found out & the anger I feel just isn’t fading, so out of spite & am going to blog the BNP cause.

Seems fair to me!

Terry Stynes said...

@ Sir monkington

That made me smile..

I wonder if Gordon Brown has heard the shocking news about celebrity Bruce Forsyth's huge wage cut at the BBC?
Does he go with the "Bruce is a mate of mine" spiel or will he trot out a "BBC must be held accountable" spin?
It#sgreat that our PM is as obsessed with slebs the way we are.

Mog said...

The M1 has been closed since midday because some tosser wanted to kill himself by jumping off a gantry.

Traffic in Norf London and Hertfordshire has been gridlocked all day causing inconvenience to hundreds of thousands of people.

WTF are plod doing allowing this to happen??

I hope he succeeds next time and takes Bob Crow with him.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

I've got a better way of swiping your Oyster card after the last few days debacle - between Crow's cheeks

The Purpleline said...

I wonder why the HMRC are not investigating the landlord and property company.

Appeasement rules.

If you cant beat them join them I am wearing my Berk ah (sick) proudly

Housing Hubba Bubba said...

How about Alan Duncan answering some of the questions we were asked to put to him.

jonah strikes said...

Sir Monkington @ 5.41pm
Oh dear that will be Ronaldo's and Sir Alex's careers finished then. Given the jonah touch by the 'accursed one'.
Scott Harrison , Susan Boyle etc all fell to the curse of gorgon's good wishes.

resurgemus said...


if mail privatisation is going ahead the Conservatives should oppose it - wrong time to sell too low aprice.

The consequence will be a huge bust up in Labour and the first defeat for Lord M.

Brownites and Blairites will quickly be back at each others' throats

CWU will have to justify to its members why fund NuLab

And since there is some evidence this has a resonance with CDE voters it will allow a response to the BNP - The Conservatives need these working tory votes back.

Also allows the Government to be reminded that it is doing this to please Brussels but has gagged voters on Europe

English First said...

Not being obtuse, but who is/are West ham?

Shahid Malik? Hang him! Traitor!

Anonymous said...

No Malik should not resign for a
2nd time - he should be sacked!!

T England. Raised from the dead. said...

I've got one for you Iain!

How do you feel having your leader being not only a supporter but a patron of a group you consider to be as fascist as the BNP?

Tomfiglio said...

The most self-satisfied wankers in this country are to be found in the Groucho Club.

Bath plugs for the many, not the few said...

In the past couple of days, I've come across several people who think Nick Clegg is the leader of the BNP.

Is there a way for the Liberal Democrats to turn this to their advantage?

happyuk said...

T England,

I've come to the same astounded conclusion about Cameron as you have.

For more elections than I care to remember I have always felt that the UK has not had an election where there was truly a choice.

This thing about him supporting the UAF only clarifies this, and is nothing short of a betrayal.

Hopefully the rise and rise of smaller independents like UKIP and the BNP will start to redress this.

Nick Griffin to my mind has been a breath of fresh air.

You don't have to like what he says but he at least introduces a bit of honest dialog, unlike the bad joke that mainstream politicians and pundits have become with every nauseating cliche.

Bill Quango MP said...

* Is Bob Crow the biggest w****r in Britain?
* Should Shahid Malik resign for a second time?
* Will Ahmadinejad win the Iranian election?
* What will Berlusconi & Gadaffi say to each other?

men'sfashionblogger said...

bob crow has one hell of a lot to answer for. my wife said he looked like a tramp when she saw him on the news yesterday and, having missed it, i told her he probably dressed scruffily on purpose to look like a downtrodden working man - when actually he earns a fortune as RMT boss and will probably head off on holiday somewhere lovely next week.

fsn olly said...

oh, and iain, while you're in the states - if you were an american would you consider yourself a democrat or a republican? seems to me the british tory party is some way to the left of even the democrats?

Duncan said...

Bob Crow is undermining the Union movement. i watched Channel 4 news and he came across as a liar and a bully whereas BJ came across as intelligent and affable. Only one winner. I've got nothing against unions because without them we'd all be working in sweatshops but just as governments can stray from the righteous path with poor leaders so can unions. Hopefully enough people saw the segment I did and they'll get rid of him.

Anonymous said...

Bob Crow is not the biggest w***** on the whole planet. heffer is.

happyuk said...


I disagree that workers would go to the dogs should there be no unions.

The best protection a worker can have is employers competing for his skills.

The best protection an employer has are workers competing for his jobs.

Anything in between is undeserving socialist cocksuckers trying to take their cut.

Anonymous said...

Shaheeeeed Mailik must go. 1st for expenses, 2nd for lying about his office actually being at his house!

T England. Raised from the dead. said...

While I’m pointing out Camerons lefty position I couldn't resist posting a link to this citizen Cameron picture, maybe it could become a new Tory poster!

Duncan said...


Sorry, don't want to start a war of words here but if you look back into history the union movement was incredibly important in improving the quality of life of the common man. After all, how much work is actually all that skilled? If you have a lot of people (including immigrants) with similar skills (thanks to our education system for one), employers can afford to take the mickey. It's why our financial sector failed. It's very difficult to stop people acting unethically to make a few bob unless you force them to. That's life I'm afraid, no easy answers...

Martin S said...

"Beyond the Boys Club" Perhaps Caroline Flint should read this book?

Newmania said...

Yeesh anyone watch question time . They were laughing at Hain and laughing at Brown. I had no idea how bad it was

God I fancy Ruth Lea that wrong ? I mean with the old hellish haircut back, come on she is hot !

OBC News said...

I was at the QT recording and we certainly all had a good laugh when Hain said Gordon had masterminded the saving of the world's banks

Anonymous said...

Newmania - yes, it is wrong. HTH :-)

I hope the Labour spinners were watching QT. Especially the bit you noted, where Hain tried the "Gordon saved the world, everyone said so" line and a mixed audience of Midland marginal voters just laughed. No applause, just laughed. Noone believes it, so stop using it.

T England - what evidence do you have for Cameron being a "patron" of the UAP? As far as I can tell he's listed as a "supporter" along with everyone from Benjamin Zephaniah, Teddy Taylor, and the Chemical Brothers.

Given that the BNP are perhaps the most left-wing party in Britain aside from the Socialist Workers, surely it is natural for right-wingers to oppose them?

Thought Jon McClure was much better on TW than I thought he would be, although suffered the usual problem of Abbott & Costello being too keen to say their piece rather than listen to the guest's perspective, particularly when the guest is from outside the village. He can come again.

Flemingcrag said...

I did not know that Shahid Malik had resigned a first time! Was he not asked to temporarily "step down" as Justice Minister until his name was CLEARED?
Takes a little organising these Labour whitewashes but, even if he does "step down" a second time
there will always await for him the Labour precedent of being elevated to the House of Lords.
Must be on the cards, after all it was Mandelson no less, who was in charge of the "re-shuffle".

T England. Raised from the dead. said...

el-sid said...
"T England - what evidence do you have for Cameron being a "patron" of the UAP? As far as I can tell he's listed as a "supporter" along with everyone from Benjamin Zephaniah, Teddy Taylor, and the Chemical Brothers".

I found the information on the Conhome here
"It is well known that David Cameron and I think only one another Tory MP is a patron of UAF and is listed on their website and has been for years".

I take it as this has not ben taken down or argued against it must be true, sadly.

javelin said...

Turns out shady shahid was covering up too much. Against the commons rules he claimed for his own house. Now there is a small matter of whether he paid tax on the income he received

If I was Brown I would sack him. But then again Im not as brave as Brown.

Paleo said...


Thats News said...

Malik in more trouble, ANOTHER minister quits and... Brown puts his jinx / curse on Man United!

wv= bring

Little Rutlander said...

Re: At June 11, 2009 6:34 PM , Housing Hubba Bubba said...
How about Alan Duncan answering some of the questions we were asked to put to him

Well you have your chance at 10.00am on Saturday. He has arranged a public meeting and given the public all of 48 hours notice of it.

do you think he seeks a low turnout?

Spaniard said...

i'm a labour, member, union member, i support both and Bob Crow is a massive twat

He's basically trying to show how big his balls are and it totally undermines the work of all the other unions who behave sensibly and work patiently for better pay and conditions (as they should).

bob crow shuts down London cos he thinks it makes him look big and now all anyone will remember about unions is how they shut down the tube wanting more pay and no-redundancies whilst everyone else in the country gets pay cuts/freezes and made redundant.

is cameron paying him or what? talk about damaging the trade union movement


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sir Alistair Graham, former chairman of the committee on standards in public life, said: “Money is being bounced around the world before it ends up in Conservative party accounts. This breaks the spirit of the law on foreign donations.”

Anonymous said...

Coke adds life !

And everybody wants a little - life !

gordon smallcock said...

Charles Hardwidge, hast du eine kleine cock?

Dimoto said...

Better get back quick Iain, your blog has been taken over by Hefferite Tories on the double-bluff.
Oo er Missus.

Anonymous said...

The Chipmunk has been 're-educated'.

Who is next in the gulag ?

Caroline Flint ?

Anonymous said...

T England - why do you keep relying on third party sources about Cameron's status with the UAP? I gave you a link to their own website, which lists him as a supporter, nothing more, nothing less - along with right-wing nutjobs like Teddy Taylor and half the music world.

Can you show me something from the UAF that says Cameron is anything more than a supporter?

Anonymous said...

Is it a slow news day at the BBC?

Brown holds 'next steps' meeting

What next?

Brown answers ringing telephone
Brown picks his nose


Mirtha Tidville said...

Yes the chipmonk seems to have been got at, she`s been forced to eat so much humble pie, that the ambulance is on its way!!!!

As for Malik, Lord Rumba of Rio`s got the answer, he`s going to make sure he becomes the next speaker......job done

Anonymous said...

Mirtha Tidville,

Yes, I cannot wait until after Flint leaves the re-education camp and does her 're-canting' video in a burka...

"I am not window dressing.. - I have given those shoes to a charity shop. I have sold the chaise-longue..."

Or indeed Jacqui Smith..
"My husband no longer has any need for purvey videos, since I gave up my cabinet job to cater to his every need, whim and fancy, just like a proper woman should.."

What next - James Purnell shaving off his ludicrous side-burns as an act of contrition ??

Just goes to show what a cold world it is outside the charmed circle, and how desperate people are to get back inside...

Anonymous said...

LMFAO. Pull the other, Blears. Why are people so willing to believe a single word she says?

As for Mr Cuprinol on QT last night - what a friggin' disgrace he was. He looked shocked when that Labour voter said he would never vote for them again.

We now know the Labour line until the GE - smear, deceive, divide - the Brown way.

James said...

So Thatcher has broken her arm. How long before that utter penis Mark Thomas starts celebrating this on his blog?

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

I wouldn't believe a word Blears says either.

Anyone remember her blankety-blank cheque?

What happened to that then?

arthur scarville said...

crowes expenses outweigh that of most uk citizens.

an absolute shocker of a man.

Anonymous said...

Where the fuck is Chip? We want a new blog!!

T England. Raised from the dead. said...

el-sid said...
T England - why do you keep relying on third party sources

Because for one Nick Griffin turned out to be right on him being a supporter of the UAF & as I say, at Conhome if you say something about Cameron that isn't true they jump on you like a tonne of bricks, however I will do some digging over the weekend.

Have a nice weekend all :o)

Dave H said...

"What will Berlusconi & Gadaffi say to each other?"

If John Simpson is to be believed:

Berlusconi: "For God's sake man, will you stop farting!"

Anonymous said...


Saif said...

1. Remember Albert Kite (brilliantly played by Peter Sellers in 'I'm All Right, Jack?'). Bob Crow clearly does as he's modelled himself on Sellers's portrayal of unionist who's modelled himself on Stalin.

2. Re Shahid (2 Offices) Malik playing the Muslim card - someone remind him it's not good Muslim behaviour to shack up with some one not his wife (and also Jewish - that'll impress them oop north).

Twig said...

Should Shahid Malik resign for a second time?

Have a look a this:

Shahid Malik's Master Plan

As the new Minister for Communities & Local Government I expect he will treat all communities without fear or favour (yeah right).