Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. Anthony Barnett is far from impressed by David Miliband.
2. Martin Rosenbaum on how a referendum on PR could work.
3. The Campaign for an English Parliament on a piece of constitutional reform Gordon Brown is against.
4. Right Not Racist goes all Mrs Merton and says let's all have a heated debate.
5. Matt Wardman examines the blogosphere and the Iranian election.
6. A Very Public Sociologist muses about the value of political twittering.
7. John Prescott attacks, well, just about everyone in New Labour.
8. GQ Daily on who is attending the conference I am at.
9. Sadie offers Joey Jones a back, sack and crack wax.
10. Cranmer asks if Nick Griffin is worse than Gerry Adams.
11. Donal Blaney offers to teach Bob Crow a lesson.
12. Paul Waugh on Chris Bryant's high heels.


Big Mouth said...

Miliband is simply keeping his fingers in both pies. The sound money should be on him eventually killing off Brown.

darlings cat said...

priceless piece from 2 jags.

i think he needs a branding expert;

go24th would be better.
labour in the widerness for 15 years.

the reason.
they dont have anybody to will take 2/3 elections for somebody good enough to be elected,just like cameron.

thats assuming;
there is not an english parliament,where they would never command a majority.
scotland is not independent(4o odd labour mps out of westminster)

the public realise they are a total liability,which they are,and become the third party.

Anonymous said...

Imagine a world where those who imposed taxes and policies onto the nation, were accountable to those people it affected?

If you live in a world like that, then you don't live in England. Brown & Darling set up a political system which allows them to charge the English more in stealth taxes and enables them to experiment with policies from which their own constituents are exempt. The English pay the highest taxes, yet receive the least in public funding for absolutely everything!! Even cancer drugs are restricted for the English! So far, the champagne socialists don't seem to mind this. Why is that?


Anonymous said...

darling cat, there are 59 Scottish MPs, voting on English policy, not 40.

Martin S said...

There's been a revolution. Only nobody seems to have noticed

Unknown said...

So who writes two jags/flats prescott's blog?

Cos it ain't him.

Though it doesn't stop his Labour chum's bigging it up as the world's greatest blog.

World's dreariest more-like.

Anonymous said...

Prescott is a fine one to talk about causing leadership problems!

I seem to remeber him bringing a simple Game of croquet into disrepute!

Anonymous said...

Tom Harris, MP, should be prosecuted for encouraging and spreading racist hatred of the English

These are the sort tossers that Brown uses to impose his Auld Enemy Policies onto the English. A quick view of his voting record, shows he voted for top up fees, etc, for the English.

Why must we tolerate these shits? I'm furious.