Monday, June 15, 2009

Harman Letters Equates Tories to the BNP

I just got this email from a blog reader...
I am a Conservative Party member who reads your blog several times per day, but I was briefly a member of the Labour Party. I have just received this email from Labour trying to entice me back in. Aside from showing how desperate they are that they keep bombarding me with letters, emails etc. asking me to rejoin because I don't want the nasty old Tories to get back in power, they have now reached a new low with the sentence "You can't ride the fence when the Tories and BNP are gaining power". You may have seen it already, but I thought it was such a sick statement that I felt I had to draw your attention to it.
Kind regards
And here's the email from Harriet Harman

Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 17:40:53 +0100
Subject: Something special is starting to happen

Dear Mr XXXXX,

We were all dismayed by the recent election results but because of the dismal backdrop something special is starting to happen. Since the election results came out, there has been an exceptional increase in the number of people joining the party. Hundreds are joining for the first time but many are, like you, former members. I wanted to share with you their reasons – and ask you to rejoin today.

Brendan from Durham said he joined because:
“You can’t ride the fence when the Tories and BNP are gaining power.”

Please rejoin us in this fight -

Silke from Guildford said:
“I have re-joined because the Tories will ruin this country.”

Please rejoin us in this fight -

Kevin from London said:
“As a former member about a decade ago I wish to rejoin to help fight the next General Election and beyond.”

We have now seen how the Tories plan to cut our public services. David Cameron’s health spokesman Andrew Lansley stated that the Tories would make 10 per cent spending cuts in the vast majority of government departments.

Gordon Brown has said:
"We have a proud record of targeted investment and prioritising the interests of hard working families across the country. And while our party will stand by people through this downturn, David Cameron's Conservatives would walk on by. And in contrast to our strong record of investment in public services, David Cameron is committed to cuts of 10 per cent."

Please rejoin us in this fight -

Best wishes,


Note that people are being asked to rejoin three times. If the BNP line doesn't get them, then maybe the threat of cuts will. And note that there's not a single positive reason to rejoin - it's all attacking the Tories.But it's the BNP line that will enrage right minded people.

And if, after reading this, you are so angry that you'd like to put your money where your vote is and join the Conservatives, click HERE.


English First said...

The Tories (& Liber & Liberal) are treasonous traitors!

There is no evidence that the BNP are.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Unless the Labour party can prove these statements - which are repeated on their website - are from real people, they are in breach of the Advertising Standards Code and I urge every person who reads this to complain at the ASA website.

It took me about 3 minutes ot complete the form online!

Anonymous said...

Harriet (I'm not posh darling) Harman is my MP. She has used subtle smears like this most of her political career.

Silent Hunter said...

Good (Bad) old Labour!

Honestly . . . you couldn't make this stuff up . . . only I suspect that's exactly what they did. LOL

They don't mention "Hazel from Manchester who is really very, VERY sorry about the way she 'left' the Labour Front Bench (sorry! . . . erm? Party) and wants, more than anything to "get her nice salaried job and ministerial car back" (sorry - party membership card back)

Yes Hattie! They're ALL are just clamouring to rejoin the Labour Party.


golden_balls said...

Ian do you ever want to talk about policy or are you with the tories for a policy lite election.

Most of your diary entries are gossip or negative stories about members of the government. Your last entry about policy was the 11th june where you stated the tories shouldn't be so defensive about cuts.

I've just looked at labourlist and while it is slightly better theres not much in it.

I suppose thats the new politics more to come no doubt beofore the election. rant over

Mark M said...

Why do Labour keep saying this 10% is Tory cuts? The numbers come straight out of Budget 2009 - a document which, unless I am very much mistaken, did not feature a great many Conservative contributions.

Still, why let the facts spoil a good smear campaign.

Mike Law said...

As a former labour Party member of many years, I'm a little taken aback that you were unaware of this Labour tactic... it's been going on for as long as I can remember. Tories = racist scum.

What surprised me when I joined the Conservatives was the "niceness"; I was still a sitting councillor on my local authority (Labour run), I had shed loads of dirt that could have been used by the Tories. When I offered to pass the info on... no-one showed any interest.

Even now, I find for the most part that I'm the only bugger writing into my local paper highlighting the wrongdoings of the current Labour regime, nothing from the more established Tory members.

I live in a London Borough that is seen as flag-ship Labour run authority by the Labour Party... I just wish the Conservatives would take up a half of the issues I've raised and they show Labour for the self serving cabal of mates it happens to be.

Anonymous said...

Note how they attribute it to a Labour voter, so it's not their fault.

It's like John Mann's attack on Osbourne, they won't attribute it to Labour HQ as a result and thus Labour appear to not be involved.

This gels well with Fraser Nelson's story that McPoison is back.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, isn't it, that the vast majority of the BNP vote is from former labour voters. wonder why haramn doesn't mention that.

Lee H said...

What next? Tories responsible for the Holocaust?
Infant cot syndrome grew during 79-97?
I am glad that Harriet "My criminal husband fraudster and I have split up" Harman sends this stuff out. It is just a shame that these things only end up on a blog and not on the front page of the Sun or The Mail.....

Anonymous said...

Without wishing to be pedantic, I am going to be: the email asks you to rejoin FOUR times, not three.

Plenty said...

Is that the best Harman can do to entice people back into the Labour fold? Hardly great advertising campaign is it?

I particularly find the comment testimonial from the person who says the Tories will ruin this country if they win laughable.... On what basis will they ruin this country?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Mike Law. As a relatively young Conservative party activist, I have been tearing my hair out at the 'niceness' of my local association in failing to go on the attack against the minority Labour group in my constituency who are running a vicious and nasty campaign in the run-up to the GE. I don't want to descend into smears and lies against the opposition, but I do wish the local association elders would lift their heads above the parapets occasionally and realise they are getting creamed and need to fight back, but maybe there are too many of them that have become comfortable in their nice houses and relative security. My attitude is you cannot rest on your laurels and need to take the fight to the opposition, but getting that through to the elder members of the party is sometimes banging your head against a brick wall.

Anonymous said...

A monstrous slur. The BNP are nowhere near as corrupt as the Tories.

DespairingLiberal said...

I've seen similar ads in the past from the Tories. In the days of Thatcher, some of the more extreme ones (from our local Tory MP no less) used to strongly imply that unless you voted Tory, Soviet tanks would arrive on your lawn the following morning,.

Anyway, the Tories will introduce huge cuts after the election - we all know that's true because it is. Of course, so will NuLabour, NuLies.

The key difference between the ToryLabours and the LabTories at the next General Election will be that the Tories are to introduce vicious cuts in public spending of an extreme sort, whereas Labour will bring in harsh reductions in public spending across the board with horrific intensity.

I hope this fully clarifies the matter for all concerned.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that the Tories are equated with the BNP in any greater sense than that likely Labour members won't want either to be in power. It is reading far too much into it to say that the sentence suggests that the Tories are anything like the BNP.

DespairingLiberal said...

Mike, you are dealing with the basic decency of British people, which most of the time is a very good thing, but sometimes mean that we allow bad people to get away with very bad things for fear of being mean to them.

Generally, in most parties, the real enemy is within - most genuine opposition in every governing party going back to the war has been from amongst their own backbenchers.

Anonymous said...

Labour will soon start offering money to people for votes.

Gerard Charmley said...

Can't say I'm surprised. I live in a seat the Tories held until 1997, and which is held at Cardiff Bay by them. All we ever get through the letterbox are letters telling us that the Tories are evil. The Labour party do not have a positive reason why people should vote for them. Not one. And without vision, they are doomed, as every party without vision is.

Steve said...

It's all Mandy's doing:

Not a sheep said...

Lee: Harriet Harman's husband is Jack Dromey. I think you may be confusing Harriet Harman with Tessa Jowell whose husband, David Mills, was found guilty of accepting a £350,000 bribe from Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi which he used to pay off a joint mortgage held with his Cabinet minister wife. Harriet Harman separated from her husband when the case became public. So far as I am aware they have not moved to divorce. As his Wikipedia entry says "they have been to some extent separated since 2006."

Martin S said...

Iain, get them to set up a Paypal account and I think I may well have to join.

I haven't been a member of a political party since I quit the Ecology Party/Green Party many years ago. But I think that enough is enough.

wv = jawites. Describes Harriet Harman quite well.

Cneifiwr said...

I always think you can tell a lot about someone by the way they write. If someone cannot express themselves clearly on paper, it is very likely that their thought processes will be equally confused.

'Harriet's' letter is a strange beast. It is constipated and strangled; at times it reads like something out of a guide to social work practice, and at others it feels like a translation from some possibly extraterrestrial language.

My best guess is that this letter was the product of some committee straining over a collective pot. And the result is just about as fragrant.

So against this 'dismal backdrop', I am sure the claims about a flood of membership applications are as turd-like as the letter itself.

Robert said...

Still no comment about Ken Clarke and the ratified Lisbon Treaty.

What is Cameron's postion again on the Lisbon Treaty post ratification?

At least with the BNP it's quite clear. With UKIP it's quite clear. With the Conservatives it's total evasion.

A lot of Eurosceptic Conservative voters will not be voting Conservative at the next election.

The Grim Reaper said...

Slightly misleading story, this one. This is nothing more than a quote in the letter - where's the evidence that Harman believes this as well? And where's the evidence that she actually typed this out herself?

This is almost identical to the time Derek Draper used comments made on the Guido Fawkes blog to attack Mr Fawkes himself. That was utterly ridiculous - the same principle appears to apply here.

I absolutely hate Harriet Harman as a person and for her politics, but this really seems to be a fuss about nothing.

Lee H said...

Not a sheep: Absolutely my mistake. Thats right Jack Dromey....hmmm I am sure he has done something....

Anonymous said...

Not much fun, is it, when your party's unreasonably linked to the BNP?

Maybe now certain Conservatives will stop doing it with UKIP.

Doug said...

Labour are scum. Overcompensating for their complicity in the rise of the BNP and their left wing agenda. The last 2 years I've given small amounts to the Tories but come the general election I will give a serious wedge to help get this disastrous shower out of office.

Anonymous said...

Standard Labour proforma letter designed to be sent out by the "backroom girls and boys" but made to look as if it comes "personally from ..." and you should expect more and more of this stuff, especially of the "Mr 10%" variety in the months ahead. They are truly desperate, Wee Smeary McB is back in town ... sofrom now on expect "any smear will do.." whilst the Supreme Leader spouts lies and plenty of guff about "honest, open politics" ...

Here is an example from June 2nd, literally begging for funds - no mention of you Tories then - the BNP was clearly the issue - but hey hadn't you heard

> In two days time Britain faces a stark choice between Labour’s plans to grow our way out of a recession or Tory cuts at the worst possible time. There is also a risk the BNP, and their leader Nick Griffin, will grab a seat in Europe. They don’t have the answers to any of the challenges we face. Despite their claims - they actually stand against everything that makes our country great.
> We are going to be producing extra, last minute leaflets and posters to stop the BNP but only with your help - and we only have until midnight.
> Donating £15 now lets us print an extra 1,000 leaflets.
> Labour will not lose focus on the key issues - the economy, public services, housing and Europe. And in the last few days of the campaign it is vital people see that Labour won’t walk on by in the middle of the recession but will take action to help people who are in danger of losing their livelihood.
> Donating £15 now lets us print an extra 1,000 leaflets.
> Only an online donation can make an impact, it is the only way to make sure that your donation will reach us in time. At midnight the printing presses will start rolling, your donation will make sure that they print as much as possible.
> Please donate whatever you can– we literally only have hours left.
> Thanks for taking the time to read this.
> Alicia Kennedy
> Deputy General Secretary
> The Labour Party
> Ps. You donation online will immediate go to help stop the BNP. Please donate whatever you can. You can also donate by phone, just call 08705 900 200 but phone lines will be closing at 5pm. Please donate whatever you can.

Gerry57 said...

Jack Dromey (Harman's husband), was the Labour Treasurer who said he knew nothing of the £17m that was paid to Labour in loans for peerages. If the treasurer of the Labour party didn't know about the money then where did it go ?

Martin S said...

"Sugar, you are sacked!" A real Real Entrepreneur Explains Why Alan Sugar is Wrong

Oxbridge Prat said...

Join the Tories? After Ken Clarke's latest comments? Are you mad?

Not a sheep said...

Gerry57: Who ran the 2005 Labour election campaign?

Man in a Shed said...

Fraser Nelson has it right - Labour are just going to lie, lie,lie and smear all the way to the general election.

Since this is now common knowledge - just being a member of the Labour party should be a matter of burning shame to any decent man or woman.

Man in a Shed said...

Does anyone know if Labour party members will be personally liable for the debts Gordon Brown has run up in the Labour party ?

Might rejoining Labour be very expensive indeed ?

Just asking ....

Anonymous said...

Harriet Harman is always keen to vilify and spread hate, even though she preaches laws against such activities.

If anyone is responsible for the BNP's growing popularity, it is her and the positive discrimination she spews week in week out in the Commons. Keep going Harriet, the voter revolution is coming, all thanks to you.

Anonymous said...

more Westminister piffle and no comment on Iran... limited, sadly what I have come to expect from this organ... look out of the window across the bridge...

Newmania said...

Disgraceful.Followers of some nutty German socialist creed and its eugenic drivel are one thing and Conservatives quite another,as indeed , are all those who express reasonable concerns about the rate of immigration
By doctrinally criminalising ordinary people Harman is putting ou the BNP fire WITH GASOLINE !!!

I hope the Press pick this up.

Iain Dale said...

Grim Reaper, are you stupid? The letter came from her. She included the quote. Ergo she approved of it. Surely none of that can be disputed?

Martin S said...

Gordon Brown. He still, STILL doesn't get it, does he?

Alan Douglas said...

I emailed to sat a more accurate pairing would be Brown and Pol Pot.

How about we all think up suitable connections to Labour and Brown, and let her know how we all feel ?

ALan Douglas

subrosa said...

Thanks for the invitation to join the tories Iain, but I think I'll stick to being a non-member of a political party and then I can criticise where appropriate. Of course I shall support the SNP whenever possible as I believe in independence for my homeland.

Daisy said...

"Iain Dale said...
Grim Reaper, are you stupid?"

Tut tut! Is this what happens when you go to America? You come back all full of macho aggression, insulting your loyal and respectful readers at the drop of a hat?

What next? Do ya feel lucky, punk? Well, DO YA?

Daisy said...

"subrosa said...
Of course I shall support the SNP whenever possible as I believe in independence for my homeland."

So do we, sweetheart, it'll save us a bloody fortune.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy said...

"And note that there's not a single positive reason to rejoin ...

And if, after reading this, you are so angry that you'd like to put your money where your vote is and join the Conservatives, click HERE."


I'll get right on that.

hugstery said...

I suppose, rightly or wrongly, many harmanites hear you and other Tories defending the likes of Carol Thatcher and conclude that lumping you in with Griffin et al is fair doos.

Iain Dale said...

get your facts right. I did not defend Carol Thatcher. I tried to explain her use of the word.

The Grim Reaper said...

Iain Dale said "Grim Reaper, are you stupid?"

I love you too, Iain.

.."The letter came from her. She included the quote. Ergo she approved of it. Surely none of that can be disputed?"

And where's the evidence that she actually wrote this herself, Iain? It was sent out in her name, but that doesn't necessarily mean she wrote it. I know that I'm sounding like Chris Paul and that does disturb me, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Mind you, the fact you're being a total drama queen over this doesn't stop you from possibly having a valid point somewhere. Gordon Brown recently said in an interview "the Tories and the BNP" several times. No mystery what he was getting up to there...

The Grim Reaper said...

Hugstery said "I suppose, rightly or wrongly, many harmanites hear [Iain] defending the likes of Carol Thatcher and conclude that lumping you in with Griffin et al is fair doos."

Hello Derek! How's the new job?

Iain Dale said...

Quite how disagreeing with equates to being a drama queen I am not sure.

If a letter goes out in her name it is reasonable to assume she has approved it. If not, she's even more hopeless than we all thought.

The Grim Reaper said...

Iain Dale said "If a letter goes out in her name it is reasonable to assume she has approved it. If not, she's even more hopeless than we all thought."

Would you seriously be prepared to discount that possibility? This is a government which uses the Manuel from Fawlty Towers defence (proclaiming "I know nothing") to a ridiculous degree. We saw it with Brown pretending not to know what McBride was cooking up. We saw it with Tessa Jowell claiming she didn't know anything about her husband's mortgage. These people have form.

Disgusted of Notting Hill said...

Not quite as disgusting as calling people fruitcakes and closet racists?
What shrinking violets you all are....

Phuquit said...

Desperate times require desperate measures.

W.V. sting, how appropriate.

Martin S said...

Jonty Pryor Special. Jonty Pryor, little liar? Or just another Labour buffoon?

JohnR said...

The dirty tricks, this and the attempt to discredit Guido were pretty amateurish. Perhaps Obama will let Gordo have a few minutes of David Axelrod's time.

The Secret Side of David Axelrod

Old Dave might hook 'em with his buddies at ASK Public Strategies

Anonymous said...

The statements are factually correct, so where's your problem?

James Higham said...

Well, that says all that's necessary about Harman.

javelin said...

Harman is a misandrist (man hater). This is why. Her coupe de grace is that she mistakes protecting victims with promoting victims. That is to say she thinks strength should be used to compensate the weak. She doesn't care if the weakness or strength is self-delivered. It's her modus operandus. It runs through every speech and every bill she promotes. She hates men, and whilst some men are bullies she wants to punish those men who work hard by biasing the law against them. She loves women, but whilst some are victims she wants to compensate all women including those who are lazy. Harman's mind generalises like this. She generalises is a way that would have most lefties up in arms. For her strength, hard work and success is something that should be used to compensate for weakness, laziness and failure. In my mind she wants to drag Britain back to the dark ages.

janestheone said...

Join the Tories? Well, even I (21 years in the Labour Party and now a member of the Parti Socialiste in France) was tempted when I read that email yesterday

Anonymous said...

Well what did you expect? Rats cornered on a sinking ship, losing their incomes and expenses.

Do you think for one minute labour would care about any one else but themselves?

You only have to have watched Brown's press conference after his election drubbing for the proof, if there was any further truth needed, that this man is an HABITUAL LIAR AND A BULLY so it's not surprising that all in HIS party follow HIS lead.

Things will change, they will get much worse. Dictators never want to relinquish power. Just look at Iran now. We have become just another banana republic. Labour, whores in politics.

Summer said...

What a good fund raising wheeze by Labour: whip up hatred against the BNP who are taking their vote. Get the press on the bandwagon, the Sharia loving Archbish will be good for a comment, oh and let's get those Tories boys to support us - they are so desparate for the ethnic vote!! Of course we know we've got it all sown up in postals!!

Then when they've all been whipped up we'll ask for donations to stop the evil BNP. Sould get us some lolly in the kitty!! Oh and just call Charlie to get his UAF bully boys whipped up into a frezy as well - Cameron's donation should buy them a few more poles to bash the BNP with.!!

"There's nothing Brithish about the BNP?"

There's nothing British at the moment about Bradford, Blackburn or Bury, and until the Tories realize that; plus the fact that they could win the votes going to the BNP with honesty, then Labour will carry on running rings around you. Fools.

Anonymous said...

Newmania said: "some nutty German socialist creed".
You mean Marxism, right?

Gecko said...

How terribly insulting to the BNP :o)

When the Tories agree to withdraw from Europe, I might vote for them.

Anonymous said...

I have been asking now for sometime quite seriously, what is the intellectual arguement as to why labour would alienate its existing supporters, like in Barnsly, Stoke etc, in favour of mass immigration and islamification?

I am only really trying to understand why.

Chris Paul said...

Your headline is misleading.

It seems to be Brendan from Durham that said it. As John says the LP ought to be able to stand up the origin of the statement. Though it's hard to see where the ASA come into this.

I can imagine that there are people in Co Durham who have a loathing for the Tories and the BNP that is equal but different, or at least very serious but different. Can't you?

I don't think either Brendan or Harriet is trying to equate the Tories and the BNP.

stuart said...

Was it Upper Class or Premium Economy you were flying on Virgin, Iain? I flew PE to New York recently, it's rather nice and far less expensive that UC... and one gets sent upstairs on the jumbos.

Chris Paul said...

PS This myth about the BNP vote being ex-Labour voters (or ex-Tories for that matter) is crap. The BNP get their voters by and large from the ranks of the NVs.

Working class and lower middle class people on housing estates do vote Tory and Lib Dem and Labour ... sometimes in close succession. They are not owned by Labour. Some of them will of course dabble with the BNP but that's not it.

In a poll on C4 78% of those who vote BNP confessed that they favoured compulsory repatriation of all non- white folkers.

Last time I looked this did not chime with Labour, Lib Dem or Tory policy platforms. They're not anyone else's voters they are racists who generally don't vote.

We should be thankful that they only mustered 2.5% of the electorate, even when topped up with a few protestors. Most disillusioned main party voters KNOW that the BNP are racists and not to be touched with a barge pole.

Newmania said...

Quite how disagreeing with equates to being a drama queen I am not sure.

Thats casual prejudiced innuendo Iain and rather like the description of Caroline Flint as having a 'hissy fit'.Glad you picked up on it .
In any case you are more of a Pantomime Dame than a Drama queen

Anonymous said...

In the telegraph today, just what any sensible person is saying to liebour. Labour prefer mass immigration and islamification of our country rather than looking after the needs of the white indiginous majority. Carry on ignoring it at your peril and that applies to the tories too. Let's see who is the first to play the "racist" card?

Labour is paying a high price for neglecting White Van Man.

Thats News said...

Yes, there's more infighting, more drama and more claptrap from Labour!
Balls, Toynbee, Brown all are at it.

Read this,Harriet!

Jim Baxter said...

'This is a government which uses the Manuel from Fawlty Towers defence (proclaiming "I know nothing")'

A point of order, Mr Reaper. That originated, surely, with Sergeant Schulz of 'Hogan's Heroes'.

God, my typing's getting worse. I started typing 'Harriet's Herpes' there for some reason, with the apostrophe indicating elision on the present indicative rather than the possessive. She's certainly everywhere at the moment.

antifascist said...

To equate the Conservative Party with the BNP is one of the most disgusting things i have heard in years!
How can anyone suggest that a party of proud patriots has anything in common with the disgusting rabble,many with criminal convictions and many more who should have them,that insists on inflicting its treasonous bile on a long suffering public.
I am a party member of many years and stood in the recent euro elections and am well used to the venom of New Labour,but to be likened to the Conservative Party is disgusting beyond all human experience!

Anonymous said...

Each individual only believes in democracy in so much as it benefits and promotes that individuals' very own beliefs.

Any one who thinks differently to that individual, therefore gets a label depending on that individuals' beliefs. The most common one is "racist".

Hitler was very good at doing this and gradually ratcheded up the laws so that all individuals could only have beliefs consistent with his, as he became the "state"

DDIM 'n HOFFI said...

Stop having a 'hissy fit' for goodness sakes.

We have been likened to the Conservatives, it's no big deal really.

Bob Latchford said...

Given that Cameron has taken to adopting the persona of a Nazi officer when addressing his adoring masses, maybe the comparison isnt too wide of the mark

Atticus Finch said...

Diddums Iain... you are getting desperate.

bill ward said...

June 16, 2009 9:27 AM
PS This myth about the BNP vote being ex-Labour voters (or ex-Tories for that matter) is crap.

Its a myth and you know this for a fact how ? you spoke to each person personally who voted BNP to find out i suppose.

Anonymous said...

It's just more evidence that Damien McBride (together with Derek Draper et al) was the lacky doing his master's bidding. The filth keeps pouring from the Labour party lie machine even after he has been removed.

john in cheshire

Penfold said...

Hatty's getting desperate, along with the party.
They see support waning, the overdraft looming, funding declining.
So, they revert to type, spin, disinformation, mendacity.
People will hopefully have seen through this little ploy of word association.
If Labour want to curry favour and re-gain support, then Gordo will have to prorogue Parliament, and ensure that any electoral ballot carries a sensible question regarding EU and the Lisbon Consti/Treaty.

Anonymous said...

Well one wonders what are the positive reasons for joining the Tories. They have announced no policies yet. The only one I have heard is that they are going to cancel Crossrail causing massive damage to London. I'm sure the City Of London will be pleased about that one. We do need more destruction to our transport system. Every Tory government since the war has done the same. And don't ever believe they'll cancel the third runway at Heathrow, cause they won't!

Anonymous said...

Nightjack about to be exposed it seems Iain

Anonymous said...

Positive reasons for joining the Tories? Well....

1) NuLab are a clapped out bunch of total incompetents who have ruined almost everything they have touched.

2) NuLab will continue taxing and spending like there is no tomorrow until the country is bankrupt (because that's all any Lab government knows how to do).

3) NuLab has consistently eroded the democratic process, by marginalising parliament, politicising the civil service and deliberately lying to the electorate.

The above don't require any "positive reasons" to vote Tory to be reasons for voting against Labour.

Philipa said...

I wouldn't fall for that cheap trick nor the join the Conservative party because of it - another cheap trick. Sorry.

BushBaby said...

If you joined the Labour Party and they were still in Government in 5 years all indigenous white Christians will be forcibly converted to Islam and no whites then can join the Labour party.
About on a par what that slimy Harman has written to ex-party members.
Don't forget to her a fashion accessory is to wear a Kelvar protection jacket while walking around her glorious multicultural paradise that she represents.

BushBaby said...

forgot to add I would never rejoin the Conservative Party until they stopped their mendacity and obfuscation about a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty .
If they did I would re-join in a flash!

neil craig said...

he Conservatives were in lock step with Labour over starting illegal wars, bombing hospitals & committing genocide to help (ex)-Nazis.

Clearly the BNP should be deeply offended.

scotch said...

Hey looky here:

Could that be Iain's mate Dizzy equating Socalism with the BNP? And then repulsively proclaiming that the result is murder of innocent protestors in Tiananmen Square?
Why yes it could folks.

Acceptable? Hell no. Outrage from Iain? Sshh, listen... nope, none.

Mike Law said...

Anon June 15 9:26

Managed to get some kind of result last week:

I've been banging on about this for years!!

Reed said...

I saw a Labour politician pull a similar stunt on a round-table news discussion last week (perhaps Newsnight, can't remember).

This bloke was saying that the BNP success was shameful, having fascists as representatives, and that it is therefore dangerous for Cameron and the Tories to be looking to partner with similar groups in the EU Parliament.

A very dishonest tactic, trying to link the BNP with the Conservatives in the viewer's minds. Especially as we all know that their success is a direct result of Labour's failure to address the needs of it's voters in traditional Labour areas.

Do we expect any better from them, though. After Mcbride and numerous other devious and cunning unpleasantries, this is just par for the course. I expect it will get a lot worse as we get closer to a GE. They are increasingly realising that their time is up and are getting desperate.

This kind of thing DOES make me angry. As Mr. Cameron often repeats, this government seems content to treat people like children and half-wits. This is yet another example. Contemptible.

@John Moss 8:33 - will do...urge everyone else to make their anger known. Stinging letters to local Labour groups etc.
'We know what you're up to, you buggers'.

Scotch 6:49
It's quite a different matter to equate the BNP with socialism, which is a set of ideas, than to link it to a named group of people as is the case with the Conservative party. You can defame people, not ideas.

Anonymous said...

Do I detect an air of desperation?

I was once a labour card carrier but I'm alright now. Why don't you just piss off back to scotland and take all your spivs, market traders and poofs with you, remember to close the border after you. Tax on land line phone bill, what utter crap!!

The Speaker said...

Just before everyone starts shooting first and asking questions later. I am just expressing the views of the average Joe Blogg. Well Iain there are two conspiracy theories out there. The first that the BNP is a creation of the Tories. As all far right parties only seem to crop up and become popular in a Labour (left wing) government. The Tories do this until they get into power and then tell them to move aside as we are racist enough and tough enough on immigration.
The second theory is that it is a creation of the Labour party to crush the Tory right wing vote. This is why it only takes strength under a Labour government. This may be evident as the BNP does most damage to the Tories.


Dr Evil said...

Silke from Guildford said:
“I have re-joined because the Tories will ruin this country.”

How thick are these people in not noticing that Noo Labour has been a total disaster for this country? Or does this party just make up these ridiculous quotes?

Anonymous said...

I can't help getting the feeling that this post is a little bit hypocritical.

It is OK to castigate a letter from Harman that uses only negative emotions to blackmail the recipient into rejoining Labour - making direct comparisons between the Conservatives and the BNP.

It is hypocritical to use that letter to create negative emotions so that Conservative leaning people join the Conservative party - again for no positive reason other than 'look isn't Harman a nasty piece of work why don't you join the conservatives'.

Furthermore, what you haven't explored is whether the BNP voters are offended to be included in with the Conservatives!