Monday, June 29, 2009

The Daily Dozen: Monday

1. Danny Finkelstein asks what the IEA is for.
2. Conservative History Journal marks two unfortunate anniversaries related to WW1.
3. Donal Blaney thinks he is owed an apology.
4. PoliticalBetting asks if Speaker Bercow will follow through on his warning.
5. Fraser Nelson on how David Cameron is taking the fight to Gordon Brown.
6. Letters From a Tory on how I am encouraging converts to Islam.
7. Mark Pack on 6 ways not to judge a political website.
8. ConHome on the 18 year old Tory constituency chairman.
9. Devil's Kitchen on Brown, Balls and bankruptcy.
10. The Daily (Maybe) has the Ladbroke's odds for Norwich North.
11. Cicero's Songs thinks the party's over.
12. Working Class Tory wonders why the Germans are so pro EU.


Anonymous said...

Dear Working Class Tory - after starting and losing two world wars its called playing a get out of jail free card.

Anonymous said...

Love the ConHome 18 year old Chairman. Madness.

Iain, take a look at TrueBlueBlood. He makes a great point on the new 4,000 applicants to be a Conservative MP. He compares a midwife to you---which is a great comparison, as you know politics inside out and a midwife, is, as TBB calls is part of the 'Saint Squad'.

Also enjoyed the letter to John Redwood urging him to stand for the Director role at the IEA. makes sense to me.

Worthy of a link Iain :)

Martin Wellbourne said...

Wasn't Finkelstein implicated in the outing of Nightjack? If so, I say "Total boycott". NJ will be suffering the ramifications of that selfish act for years, maybe decades. Because he had the cheek to tell the truth in a society of liars, cheats and dissemblers.

Anonymous said...

the date for the norwich north by-election has just been announced!

Anonymous said...

So, Iain, is it DAILY or DALEY dozen? You've always called it Daley before (as in the .jpg you use) but today your headline says Daily. I think it ought to be Daily - but if I'm wrong, then what is the reason for calling it Daley? Thanks

Working Class Tory said...

It's a pun on "Dale"...