Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. True Blue Blood lashes out against Bob Crow.
2. Tom Harris - painted harlot.
3. Dan Hannan on pantywaists.
4. Wrinkled Weasel's desultory philippic.
5. Jon Craig fancies the Speaker's wig.
6. Tim Montgomerie asks the BBC not to describe the BNP as "far right".
7. Ben Brogan on Gordon Brown's less than magnificent seven.
8. Donal Blaney thinks Question Time will have to issue an invite to Nick Griffin.
9. Newbie blogger Nick Assinder thinks David Milibanmd is a bit of a tease.
10. Tory Candidate Nigel Adams explains why he has copied US websites.
11. Grumpy Spin Doctor writes an open letter to Tom Harris.
12. Nadine Dorries on how her plan to hide in a cupboard with Greg Hands was scuppered.


Anonymous said...

Wrinkled Weasel links to Dan Hannan!

One day I'd like to make it into the Daley Dozen, for now, can I just put a link here? http://joshuachambers.wordpress.com Thanks Iain.

Big Mouth said...

Bob Crow, man of the people! Funny how none of them voted for him in London where he was standing in the Euro Elections!

Martin S said...

Brown is 'back in control'. But was he ever in control in the fist place?

Anonymous said...

Not sure that first comment reads correctly: the Wrinkled Weasel link opens Dan Hannan's blog instead.

Anonymous said...

Do we still like Dan Hannan, Iain, now that he flirts with the Spanish Francoists?

Can we expect an 'in defence of Daniel Hannan' entry any time soon?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

"Wrinkled Weasel links to Dan Hannan"

Not surprisingly. We are never seen together in public are we?

Also not surprisingly, the title of my piece "A simple desultory philippic", although of course nicked from Paul Simon, should also namecheck Dan, since he is today's principal exponent of the art of the Philippic, as evidenced in his speech to Gordon Brown.

Doubting Richard said...

Grumpy Spindoctor is as delusional as Brown!

TrueBlueBlood said...

Thanks for the mention Iain.

Great work on the election coverage.

I attended a local election count and one for Euro elections and it was funny hearing how people wanted to get you inside information first to post on this site. Very cool. I think you knew before CCHQ in some cases :)

Great work.