Monday, June 22, 2009

Podcast of Iain's Friday Radio Show

Here's the podcast of last Friday's radio show on PlayRadioUK. It includes a song from Elvis, who also announced that he is giving up blogging. I was joined in the studio by a new presenter's friend, Sarah Lornie. I shall be inviting her back!


Anonymous said...

Breaking News: The Ballot Paper for Speaker is released:

Anonymous said...

My good friend Robert Pesto recommends reading this political blog -

This is especially pleasing as he is usually known for his economic commentary (With famous headlines such as "Sir Freddy Goodwin devoured my Hamster").

Bill Quango MP said...

I will be listening next Friday.
Your promise to not mention expenses... I doubt you can keep it. What with the new Keeper of the Trough, erm.. Speaker of the House likely being discussed.

Steve H said...

Good show as ever, Iain. But please please please no more of the giggling, oooh-the-bubbles-have-gone-right-up-my-nose WAG who was in the studio with you.

Anonymous said...

Steve H - I think your comment is a bit strong. I thought she was very good it was Friday night not News Night!

Mike Law said...

Steve H,

Be fair, a little bit of humour during any topical debate show is a boon.

I thought she was a fragrant breath of fresh air.

Unlike the usual hairy-arsed commentators you find on other talk shows.