Sunday, November 18, 2007

Who Would Jesus Vote For?

I am speechless.

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Mr Eugenides said...

Go and vote with your conscience rather than because some rich televangelist tells you to? Can't disagree with any of that.

The Military Wing Of The BBC said...

Where are all the libertarian politicians now?

This happened behind locked doors.

How can this possibly be an offence?

Why has this man been publicly humiliated in this way?

Anonymous said...

Was a very different message to what one would suppose given the title.

Not my views, but well considered and commonsense. It's almost saying:

'Not everyone is going to have your views, but the job is to run the country. Judge them on that basis, and, personally, live the life that's best for you.'

It will be interesting to see, that with the growth of the 'blogosphere' and with it the decreasing ability of organisations, as opposed to individuals, to dominate the agenda, whether the American Christian Right actually is as dogmatic as it seems; or, whether that is just he view put across by the demagogues now at the forefront of that grouping.

If so, then maybe American politics can become less polarised and more focussed what politics is for: namely, how to solve problems of market failure.

Daily Referendum said...

Jesus votes for non of the above. Or is that the one above?

Bloody hell Iain you've got the blogging bug today. I wish it was catching.

Anonymous said...

Jesus was an anarchist and would have asked his followers not to sanction their enslavers by voting.

Politicians do not run the country, they run the lives of those who live in it. You are required to live by their morals (or lack of them), whims and dictats by being threatened with fines or prison. The problem is not who government but government itself, i.e. the state.

The speechless Mr Dale wants to join the ranks of the oppressors - shame on him! He should listen to Guido Fawkes.

There is a peaceful alternative to the enslaving Leviathan monster - self-government by voluntary institutions. So don't vote, it only encourages the mafia-like political class.

Anonymous said...

No, no ,no, no, no, no!!!

I am fine with the video, but finishing sentences with a preposition is unpardonable!

It should surely read 'For whom would Jesus vote?'


Anonymous said...

There is little point speculating who Jesus would vote for, because Jesus is not God and possibly not the son of a god either. Although he very possibly, he may have been one of them.

Speaking as a baptized half Jew. Who takes the CofE communion because there is no other place near where he lives to get a bit spiritual once a week. Also because my wife is a converted Christian Hindu.

The Gods are and God in particular is to me a very different concept indeed. From anything the CofE or the catholic church preaches to the masses. Not very different to what the top brass in both believe but thats another very long complicated issue.

God is as is plainly written in the Bible, a potential murderous maniac, the creator and therefore the owner of every thing we can comprehend and many other things that we are not capable of comprehending. Not to be trusted, fully understood, or loved, but to be feared and respected.

Not a long haired wannabe Buddist hippie who traveled around the known world most of his short life, confusing the hell out of everybody he met, almost exactly only 2000 years ago. However nice and well meaning the infamous, still learning the facts of life, young chap may have been.

So to me God would have little problem voting for all of them. That is if the all powerful, all seeing, incredibly vengeful one, still gives a shit what the bugger is going on here.

With the amount of current buggering that is daily happening in this modern day Sodom.

I think its best to hope for all our sakes the great being is still sleeping off a good long hang over, or is very busy right now creating or destroying some other planet. for a few more thousand years at least.

Anonymous said...

Intellectual elegance. Delicious.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt vote for jesus anyway ...!

bloody hippies !


Archbishop Cranmer said...


One is possibly rendered speechless because of the medium: the British are simply not used to it. But if one were to supplant a few of these concerns (like gun control) with a few more home-grown concerns (like binge drinking), in reality this is no different from the sort of pronouncements one hears from bishops and cardinals in the UK as elections approach. Indeed, there have already been interventions against MPs who support abortion or gay 'marriage'.

But the ultimate exhortation is to consult one's conscience. What is wrong with that? Meddlesome priests did not pass away with Thomas Becket.

Anonymous said...

A Trivial Pursuit sort of question for students of political science (and His Grace, perhaps?)

Regardless of who Jesus would have wanted to vote for in this country - based on what we know of His financial / property status - by which year would He have had a vote in this country?

Anonymous said...

It should be a matter of shame to us that we find Christian morality of such a balanced kind so very odd . Surely morality must be at the heart of all our political judgements ?

Chris Paul said...

Jesus is Nadine Dorries' hero. She told the BBC. So it must be true.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know that Christians are guilt-ridden, and prone to self-flagellation, and therefore self-destruction?

Now we always went into battle under the banner of our Battle-Goddess Britannia, so we had no conflicts of interest, but the Christian nation will now be going on a major guilt-trip. It should be so funny to watch them self-destruct. They'll probably start wearing sack-cloth and ashes.

Rule Britannia!

Philipa said...

I didn't think that was too bad actually, quite a constructive message. Vote with your conscience and more than that, live a life consistent with your values. Can't disagree with that.

janestheone said...

morus - "finishing sentences with a preposition is unpardonable" - quite so, it is something up with which I will not put

Anonymous said...

As it happens, David Icke doesn't vote.

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

Jesus was a socialist, soooo...

Is the answer 'Ralph Nader'?

Richard said...

Can't see why you should be speechless Iain? Somewhat banal perhaps, but there's no problem with the message.

Jackart said...

I agree with Mr E (Comment 1), and Morus too. the Grammar is indefensible.

"This is my position, none of the candidates support them, don't vote one way because of noisy media Christians, try to lead a good life"

I've heard much, much worse from God-bothers over the pond. This is actually rather refreshing.

Anonymous said...

He would cause Mrs T to be reborn as an American and vote for her. Easy peasy.

Anonymous said...

"The republicans want the wealthy to keep their money".

I don't recall Jesus advocating government confiscation of wealth, he seemed to be keener on voluntary donation. That way the people giving are being genuinely charitable.

Yak40 said...

Pretty standard stuff, what's the fuss ?

None of the candidates is very appealing but I wouldn't vote for anyone who puts abortion rights, gay marriage or gun control as big priorities, there's far more important issues to tackle

e.g. heath insurance/access reforms (insurance access shouldn't be tied to an employer in this age of multiple jobs in a lifetime),

tort reform (so people like candidate lawyer Edwards can't become multi-millionaires because a baby wasn't born perfect),

border control (separate legal from illegal immigration instead of lumping it all together as do the cowardly media and posturing pols).

to name just three.