Saturday, November 24, 2007

Two More Polls for your Delectation

Today's Guardian had a poll with the Conservatives enjoying a six point lead (37-31) and the LibDems incredibly on 21%. Obviously appearing to be the nasty party pays off. Joking aside, it has to be said their local government by-election performances on Thursday were far better than their national poll position would suggest. Tomorrow's News of the World has a poll comparing the parties' economic competence. The main findings are...

* The 12-point lead over the Tories which Labour enjoyed on managing the economy just two months ago has been erased, with the two parties now neck-and-neck on 38%
* A slim majority (49% to 47%) said that Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling should quit.
* 46% said the Government was bad at handling a crisis, against 42% who rated it good.
* More than half (54%) said ministers had handled Northern Rock badly.
* David Cameron has an eight-point lead over Mr Brown as the best political leader, on 46% to the Prime Minister's 38%.
* The Conservatives have a 10-point advantage over Labour as the party with the best policies and ideas for Britain, on 46% to the Government's 36%.
* Among 25-34 year-olds, David Cameron is 17 points ahead as the best leader
* The Tories have a 17-point advantage on policy and are seen as best to handle the economy by a margin of 16 points.

The Mail on Sunday also has a poll tomorrow. More details later.


Ted Foan said...

All good news Iain but its a bit concerning that David Cameron's team aren't going up in the polls. He should be in the mid-40s by now.

I can't believe the little sideshow of Clegg and Huhne giving each other Chinese burns behind the bike sheds at Westminster have caused the LibDems to leap up the polls to over 20%. Unless Vince Cable has made such an impression with his less than sound appraisal of the Northern Rock story?

Whatever the reason Andy Coulson and Co must push for a much higher profile of all the Conservative policy proposals that have now been (or are being) announced.

Unless of course they know of some even worse revelations for Brown and his woeful crew on the horizon?

Anonymous said...

I agree with diablo. We should be 26 points ahead, not 6. Still, it's better than being 6 points behind of course, and we usually do better in elections than in the polls.

Anonymous said...

Its mr cable of the limpdums that is doing it to cameron I would always vote tory but if all the limpdums were cable i would be tempted, his skewering of bruun at PMQs was very good and very ironic.When one of those other clowns gets the job they will sink again.

Anonymous said...

"We should be 26 points ahead, not 6."

I don't think the Tories have been that far ahead since 1968! I don't think they need to be 26% ahead to ensure an election victory. :)

Anonymous said...

It is pretty obvious Newsround is right wing conspiracy to turn the young against the government.

Anonymous said...

I notice the BBC news top headline at the moment is "Disc woes "No Black Wednesday.""
Was there really nothing more newsworthy than something Jack Straw said this morning?


Geezer said...

The penny has finally dropped with the electorate, that Labour's "economic miracle" was all smoke and mirrors. It's not just the personal data fiasco, but the the scale of the Northern Rock subsidy has started to get some attention and will continue to do so.
The reason that the Tories are not further ahead, is because the MSM have been in NuLba's pocket for ten years. The BBC is shocking in it's blatant repitition of Labour spin, with no critical analysis. If the BBC, had devoted half as much energy to exposing Labour failings over the last ten years, as they did to the last Conservative government, Labour would be 20 points down, but the Conservatives are still battling Labour media bias, because the prols rely on the same old shabby outlets for their news.

Anonymous said...

How is it news worthy when every statement the tories make is trailed as the biggest new event since 9 11. While a Labour Heavy weight stepping into the ring is seen to you as nothing.

Anonymous said...

dirty european socialist,

Well David Davis' appearance on the Andrew Marr Show got no mention whatsoever in the news website article despite that programme being the source of Mr Straw's remarks - which the BBC lets us watch on a video.