Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cameron Shows Brown the Way at the CBI

Yesterday the CBI heard a speech from Gordon Brown. Today it heard from David Cameron. Cameron provided Brown with a lesson in how to do 'vision'. Brown just delivered his usual battering ram of a thirty minute speech using a signle sentence, while Cameron was thoughtful and visionary. I especially liked his concentration on delivering smaller, competent government and his trenchant attack on the iniquitous CGT changes announced in the budget. Sky News carried the whole thing live and it's a pity it has been rather hidden by all the Labour donations stuff.


Anonymous said...

"I especially liked his concentration on delivering smaller, competent government "

you mean 'meaningless twadell'?

Politicians forever waffle on about this but Tories are as bad as Labour when push comes to shove and they are in government.

Alex said...

Meanwhile GB says he will not attend the EU-Africa summit in Portugal because Mugabe will be there.


Too i8mmature for words. Just because Mugabe will be there is no reason to ignore this important summit, including many members of the Commonwealth. Obviously not an issue for Brown.

Anonymous said...

Why did Sky show it live. Murodch must be close to Cameron now. Even the PM would not get full speech other than the labour conference and TUC speech covered? Why are the tories getting treated so well by the Murdoch press? What has happened.

Anonymous said...

You can only imagine what Tony Blair must think.

It took Blair ten years to fall in the polls to the level Gordon Brown has in just five months.

Today a British Prime Minister looked the face of a very battered, very under pressure, and very downbeat individual for the first time since John Major and the ERM fall out in 1992.

Foot and mouth, Northern Rock, Missing CDs, Defence, and of course the breaking political donations scandal.

David Cameron must be having a field day on which subject to bring up at PMQs tomorrow but the sad fact of the matter is that its the country that's going to suffer at the hands of the most corrupt and complacent government in British political history.

Anonymous said...

It's surprising how Brown has neglected to study the art of public speaking, which is one of a politician's most important tools. Even Neville Chamberlain did it better

Anonymous said...

"Just what is it about 10 years of economic growth that the tories hate. "

Anonymous said...

The PM has to raise the fact the economy is still growing tommorow and say "what is it about 10 years of economic growth that you hate". The tory focus group specialist came up with that line. Go on the attack the governments record is still strong.

Mulligan said...

I think you mean 13 years of economic growth, a process set in place by good Conservative economic policies. We even had our gold reserves intact at the start of the cycle.

strapworld said...

I see dirty european socialist has crept out of the kinderkarten again.

10 years of economic growth he says. WHEN we get to see the books and the truth emerges and the real debt this country is in, Then I expect this creep to say sorry for his stupid and childish comments.

Still when you are paid to trawl the internet to put up such inane comments, its good work whilst you can get it.

Anonymous said...

To answer Dirty Euro Socialist is quite easy: The 10 years of growth have been fuelled by the import of very low priced goods from China despite the last seven years of abuse that Mr Brown has given the economy. We would have had a crash and burn had the true socialist abuse he has directed at the British taxpayer in the name of getting Labour re-elected. Socialism rescued by communism!
Bring on the new debate Authoritarian versus Libertarian (as defined by George Orwell 60 years ago). Delighted to read GB's most withering critism of Cameron was that he was a 'libertarian'.

Glyn H

Anonymous said...

In reply to the bizzare 3:24 You are the creep. You make a bizzare allegation to cover the fact you cannot answer my question. Your definition of a creep is a creeps defintion of a creep so who cares.

Anonymous said...

3:29 So 10 years of economic growuith is due to China. Funny how the USA, Germant, France and other nations did no benefit form this. Hmmm. Selective aren't you.
We don't need liberal we need order.