Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Very Strange Day

I don't post readers' comments as main blogposts very often, but this one, just posted on one oftoday's threads from M Hristov struck me as being particularly good.
I’m starting to wonder if someone slipped something into my breakfast coffee.The
day seems to get stranger and stranger.On comes Steve McClaren, having been sacked but he is grinning from ear to ear (Memo to F.A. Time you realised that
Sven wasn’t crap. McClaren was awful and your players are pampered, overrated, spoilt babies.). Then we have George Osborne and he is grinning from ear to ear, despite the grave possibility of millions losing money (Memo to Osborne. You must be cock-a-hoop about all this but don’t show it.). Then I turn to the net, after doing a little work. There is a grinning picture of Yvette Cooper and an article about the introduction of HIPs (Home Information Packs) for all properties and an admission that their introduction, for three bedroom properties and above, has slowed the housing market. Presumably it will be slowed further, precipitating a crisis which this government will find difficult to escape from. A bedtime story, for the teenagers who now rule this government.“Once upon a time there was a man called John Major and he was a Conservative Prime Minister. He wanted to feed a magic snake called the ERM by giving it lots of pounds. He made the pounds fat by feeding them interest rates. Unfortunately that hurt “property owners” and they made sure that Mr Major disappeared in 1997. Moral. Do not muck about with the property market.”Foot and mouth reared its ugly head once again at PirbrightThen the former Chiefs of the Defence Staff opened fire on Gordon Brown from the House of Lords.The Conservatives sprint to 9 points ahead.There is an extraordinary posting in “The Daily Telegraph”, by Lloyd Shepherd, rambling on about the end of newspapers in 2010 and the subsequent collapse of democracy, except in China. To cap it all, Alex Salmond praises Iain Dale. Get your kilt on Iain. You could be the Scots Alistair Campbell.I wonder if this parallel universe will be around tomorrow?



Anonymous said...

Given your increasingly frequent absences, perhaps you should promote one or two posters to assistant-blogger status.

Just don't give it to Newmania.

Iain Dale said...

That is something I have been considering. Ideas welcome.

Anonymous said...

Gordon and the Labour Party are now in a political gibbet.

Anonymous said...

"On comes Steve McClaren, having been sacked but he is grinning from ear to ear"

I would be grinning from ear to ear if I had just negotiated a £2,000,000 severance package.

Anonymous said...

Poor old John Major, still getting it in the neck over the ERM (wanted by everyone in most parties apart from Thatcher).

The Berlin wall comes down Germany reuinites inflation rockets,germany puts the brakes on and Britain suffers.

George Soros makes a killing on this speculation.

I wonder how many at that time, apart from Soros, actually predicted the German Mark rocketing in three years time?

It was a total disaster but I still say it was not the ultimate death rattle of the Tories. It came many years before by Lawson doing exactly the same thing here.

Tories never fully recovered and attempted to bail themselves out by the Poll tax.

It's the unwritten history that is more accurate.
But the claim that Governments lose elections rather than opposition winning them is also false because Tony Blair held the mood of the people.
Can't say that for your current crew.


Little Black Sambo said...

If you are thinking of taking on an assistant, how about Newmania?

Anonymous said...

Talking of grinners:
How about Howard and Jacqui Smith grinning and chattering in PMQs as Brown told us of three British dead in Iraq and Afghanistan?