Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Brown Skewered by Cameron (And Cable!)

Well, no one can say Cameron didn't go in for the kill at PMQs. He absolutely skewered Brown by asking 5 forensic questions and then finishing off with one of the most pointed political and personal attacks I have seen in the Commons for years. The faces of Labour MPs and their muted reaction to Brown's defense of Jon Mendelsson told their own story. In Brown's final answer, instead of defending himself from a vicious attack from Cameron he harked back to 1992 and recited a tired list of the government's so-called achievements. As Cameron said, he really isn't up to the job.

And the Vince Cable came out with one of the best lines of the week: "Hasn't the Prime Minister transformed himself from Stalin to Mr Bean?" A class act.

So, let's have your views on what happened at PMQs. Listen to again, courtesy of Tory Radio HERE.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious (and apt) remark by Cable. It seems to me that he and Cameron have been (inadvertently?) co-ordinating very effectively on the issues in the last few weeks (there's just too many blunders to cover in five or six questions!)

Anonymous said...

PMQ's was a complete joy to watch. One thing is certain- even Brown does not believe the complete bs coming out of his gob. He is even WORSE than Major at the despatch box. Cameron was on top form, and yes, PMQ's have the feeling of Blair vs Major. Her's hoping for a Labour decimation next GenElec!

Anonymous said...

Another knockout blow by Cameron, and even Cable against the "Flunking fist".

Gordon Broon and McLabour, dangerously Incompetent and Inept.

Anonymous said...

It was Cable wot won it!

Anonymous said...

Good performances from Cameron and Cable, however, I still felt that Brown could have been "roughed up" a little further.

Anonymous said...

We are still waiting for a repeat of when John Smith said at PMQs that Major's was a Government under which even the Grand National couldn't be run properly, but it is surely getting close...

Anonymous said...

Remember, it is a psephological impossibility for Labour to lose the next election.

You lot will be laughing on the the other side of your faces in 2010 when Cameron gets 43%, Labour gets 32% and Gordon Brown gets back in with a 20-seat majority.

Cameron bullying a plain-dealing, straight, and fundamentally decent and honest man when he's down isn't big and isn't clever. But you're Tories, so you wouldn't get that.

kinglear said...

david boothroyd - oh and your lot didn't kick Major when he was down? Even Bliar has said he wishes he hadn't banged on about sleaze so much.
Oh, and by the way, your disection of the polling figures is all wrong - it doesn't take into account what will happen in Scotland, where you will lose badly, despite the rigged constituencies.

Anonymous said...

I thought the opposite, Cameron looked flustered by the end and Brown was very measured. Form is temporary, class is permanent.

Anonymous said...

RE - "Cameron bullying a plain-dealing, straight, and fundamentally decent and honest man when he's down isn't big and isn't clever. But you're Tories, so you wouldn't get that".

Mr Boothroyd, when your planet was destroyed, was there any other survivors?.

Anonymous said...

David Boothroyd - you are wrong on so many levels.

First, it is NOT a psephological impossibility for Labour to lose. On the figures you suggest, the Conservatives would have a majority of around 50. And that assumes that there is still tactical voting against the Conservatives on the same levels as the last election.

As for "Cameron bullying a plain-dealing, straight, and fundamentally decent and honest man when he's down", even if your description of Brown is accurate (which I don't think it is) and your description of Cameron's behaviour as bullying is correct (most people seem to disagree), how about remembering the way Blair dealt with Major. Bullying and barefaced lies.

Anonymous said...

"a plain-dealing, straight, and fundamentally decent and honest man".

Ha! Hahahahahahahahah!

That's all I have to say on that.

Unsworth said...

@ David Boothroyd

"you lot"? Just who the hell are "you lot"?

You've really got to do better than this, boy. That is if you want any credibility.

Do you seriously regard Brown as "a plain-dealing, straight, and fundamentally decent and honest man"?

If so, which particular astral plane are you on? And, further, if he is as you say, why has he surrounded himself with mendacious incompetents?

Anonymous said...

David Boothroyd

Brown 'fundamentally decent and honest'

Do we know this man. Read Tom Bower. Listen to those who have left the Treasury. Perhaps consult some of the ex 'girlfriends'.

He is a bully - the nasty type who uses rank to intimidate. When confronted with a bruiser he slinks off. He is a petty man. Self obsessed with no self knowledge. Hubris runs through his veins.

The only thing one can say about him is that ' he means well'. And these are the most dangerous of politicians.

Your description fits Frank Field but not Brown.

Anonymous said...

Just out of interest, and because I'm not an expert on psephology... why does David Boothroyd say it's an impossibility for the Tories to win? Surely if everyone voted Conservative, they would win the election. It is highly unlikely that would happen, but how it can be an absolute impossibility.

Oscar Miller said...

Cameron was not flustered he was angry. And he's absolutely right to be angry. He is a man of integrity and he's offended by this pack of lies from a pack of scoundrels. Vince Cable was also very good. Altho' calling Brown Mr Bean is actually too kind.

Anonymous said...

David Boothroyd:
".......... in 2010 when Cameron gets 43%, Labour gets 32% and Gordon Brown gets back in with a 20-seat majority."

Dream on - but apart from your fantasy - is the above your idea of democracy then? How good of you to explain to the rest of us how Labour's democracy works.

One man one vote - that means so long as Gordon Brown is the man then...........

Anonymous said...

Brown was on the ropes for sure... but I still think theres something lacking from Cameron. He doesn't mix it up enough, it always speaking in the same tone, and although his content is good, I still think someone like Osborne would be better (his "get a grip" on Darling was a classic example of his ability)
Maybe Cable and Cameron need to get together to get a plan to get Brown as worked up as possible over the coming weeks.

Did anyone else notice Brown spit one of his expencive teeth out?

Iain Dale said...

DIRTY EUROPEAN SOCIALIST. You have just been yellow carded and your last comment has been deleted.

I am tired of your rantings and if you continue to libel people - your last comment libelled me - I will ban you. This is your final warning.

Anonymous said...

Just where did they dredge up those two women who asked planted questions to Brown at the beginning of PMQs? Not so much Blair's babes as Brown's banshees.
I think Brown did ok in the circumstances but the matter isn't going to go away and clutching at messy piles of paper and gibbering about 10 years of economic growth isn't going to restore public confidence in Brown.

Anonymous said...

I think the accurate quote was "a country where the Grand National fails to start and hotels fall into the sea"

I thought Brown sounded (via radio)less flustered than in previous PMQ's - perhaps he's finally taking some voice lessons.

Any news on Ashcroft from Belize?

Anonymous said...

"Stalin to Mr. Bean" ... priceless !

I also think Cameron's demolition job was well balanced - hard and to the point, without going overboard.

Anonymous said...

Just to get Cable's quote right

“This House has noted the Prime Minister’s remarkable transformation from Stalin to Mr Bean in the past few weeks.”

Sorry Iain

Vince for PM!!. Well not quite but I think he would be a dutiful and diligent minister of state.

Oscar Miller said...

Osborne's 'get a grip' was very good - but actually Cameron's delivery is better than Osborne, whose voice isn't very authoratitive. Cameron, by contrast, sounds every inch a Prime Minister in waiting.

Anonymous said...

I apologise to Mr Dale. I just thought the PM won on away goals today. Sorry if I caused offence.

Raedwald said...

Brown was prepared to an extent for the onslaught from Cameron; he took his beating and bleated out his formulaic response as he'd been coached. But it hurt.

However, moments later Cable landed a real body blow that left him reeling. It was a moment of shock and humiliation all too apparent in his slack-jawed vacant stare, the jeers erupting from the opposition benches pinning him to the dispatch box.

Superb stuff.

Anonymous said...

Just watched it again... Brown really did suggest that David Cameron was an MP in 1992.


Anonymous said...

I can see you're all very excited, but this is all just a load of flimflam got up by the usual suspects - the Tory press, the tory blogosphere…you know the rabble I mean.

It's a non-story and it will blow away. Like Northern Rock - nobody lost money except a few greedy shareholders. Like the supposedly lost data. Nobody's stolen my identity yet and a few whiners moaning about how it might happen doesn't make it an issue. Two years from now the people will continue to vote for investment in the NHS, better exam results, a strong housing market supported by successful initiatives such as HIPS, strong immigration control, fair benefits and taxes, and economic stability.

And if they don't, Labour will win anyway because you Tories will just pile up votes in your own constituencies.

This is basically a centre-left country and a competent and honest centre-left administration is what it has and needs. The Tories' ability to make up sleaze stories about the government and spin them into a 40% poll rating for a few weeks doesn't change this. Nobody's ever come back to win from the pasting you took in 2005. In a 3-party system a dead heat is 33.33% each. We got 35% last time and 67% voted against you, so that's a decisive victory. Don't kid yourselves you're back in the running, and never, ever underestimate Gordon Brown.

Sorry to break the bad news to you, but Gordon will be back in come 2010, with a bigger majority and a strong mandate for his vision, a vision that more people are buying into and uniting behind, every day up and down the country.

Iain Dale said...

Beyond parody, David.

Anonymous said...

Brown did sound more measured, but he had nothing to say other than "things will be better in future..blah..blah..senior-level enquiry..blah..blah". No matter how calm Brown sounds, he just doesn't sound credible and can't avoid looking as if he's not in control of events.

PS The idea of the former "Iron Chancellor" somehow being the victim of "bully" Cameron is so pathetic as to be actually quite funny. But then add the words "public school" before "bully" and you see how class warfare is always NuLab's default position when on the ropes.

Anonymous said...

Well look who it is!, its a "plain-dealing, straight, and fundamentally decent and honest man" LOL.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of suffering one of Iain's pithy "beyond paody" put-downs, and being called "gutless" because I don't have the "courage" to append a "name", there are two Queen's Speeches and three budgets to go. Most sensible people recognise that Brown's time as Chancellor was successful. There is still time for him to recover.

Sorry I have no gratuitous insults for swivel-eyed lunatics to froth at, but i thought this site was centre-right, not Looonytoons.

Anonymous said...

The childish Mr Bean smear is just the kind of public school cliquey bullying I'd expect your readers to enjoy, Iain. It will simply strengthen Gordon Brown's position by showing that he is a warm guy who can take a joke. On a day when Cameron and Cable were sounding shrill and panic stricken, the Prime Minister was relaxed, statesmanlike, and in control - a commanding presence at the national helm.

As well he can afford to be, given that he has the next election in the bag.

So, Iain Dale for Tory leader after the next election? No, give David Davis a chance to lose an election in about 2014, and then Iain can take over against Miliband in 2018. You'll lose, because of the strong legacy of stability and prosperity he will inherit from three Blair and two Brown terms. But for some people, to come second to charimatic and competent Labour (and in fact national) leaders is as good as it ever gets - as William, and IDS, and Michael all found out.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful entertainment. I particularly enjoyed Andrew Neil's goading of Roy "tub of lard" Hattersley in the studio afterwards. If you're not sure what apoplexy is, Hatters gave us a fine demonstration.

Vienna Woods said...

Dear heavens, I just finished listening to the recording of PMQ's. Brown really does have a problem! I don't think his mind works very fluidly and with the stammer (which gets ever worse the longer he speaks) and a complete lack of oratory skills, he'll be in serious trouble health-wise before too long. He gets himself into such a state that he continually repeats the same phrases in every sentence. In particular, the phrase "I believe", was used so often that a psychologist friend who was passing though my office at the time made a comment that maybe he should see someone a bit quick.

Anonymous said...

Brown's "defence" is to praise his own strength in dealing with events, e.g.:-
floods, terrorism attacks, foot and mouth, Northern Rock.

I long for a journalist to point out to him that directly or indirectly he carries some responsibility for all of these events viz.,

Cutting money for flood prevention and allowing developments on flood-plains;
Cowardly going along with TB over Iraq in order to keep alive his chance of becoming PM;
Started in a Govt. laboratory which didn't have the money to repair leaking drains;
Basing his own economic strategy on easy credit and mountains of debt, while weakening the regulatory powers of the B.of E.
and the FSA.

Finally, I could hardly believe it when he brought up "1992 and all that". He is absolutely bonkers!

Me vs Maradona vs Elvis said...

Cable definitely made the best comment at PMQs - absolutely brilliant!

That's 5 wins out of 5 this session for Cameron at PMQs - Brown can't be getting much sleep on Tuesday nights anymore - it's starting to get painful to watch even though I'm a Tory!

Me vs Maradona vs Elvis said...

David Boothroyd I think is what is known on the 606 website as a WUM (that's a 'wind-up merchant' for those who aren't so sad as me that they look on 606).

No-one who is clinically sane could hold the views David Boothroyd does, so I assume he's just saying it to provoke a reaction. Perhaps we should just all ignore him and carry on with the sensible contributions to the debate which are being made everywhere but in his comments?

Unknown said...

Damn. David Boothroyd is loosing his cool.

Some of those remarks are going to end up in a council election leaflet - I particularly like the post suggesting that democracy has been cancelled.

Unknown said...

Damn. David Boothroyd is loosing his cool.

Some of those remarks are going to end up in a council election leaflet - I particularly like the post suggesting that democracy has been cancelled.

Mr Boothroyd - the issues are

1) Tax - if the arrangement described (giving money to others who then pass it on) is correct, then gift tax needs to be paid. It hasn't

2) If (1) isn't correct then the arrangement was a completely sham. Your PM said that electoral law had been broken.

3) The planning applications - money was given and planning application were approved. This is the kind of stuff that local councils get featured in Private Eye for.

4) Lying - claiming that no-one can remember the name of a chap who stood for parliament, crashed in flames and then appeared at Labour/ associated organisation events continuously for a decade is bollocks.

5) Money laundering - the rules about how large transfers are handled are clear. Either the story told us by the PM at his news conference is incorrect, or most of the people involved in this transaction are in breach of this law.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have seen Brown's face when he was called Mr Bean. Are there any links out there?

Newmania said...

It is becoming pitiful to hear Brown return to his bleat about Black Wednesday, minimum wage, low interest rates, yada, yada, yada. It is like R2D2 running into battle armed with nothing but a war cry. He later mentioned floods, foot and mouth and terrorism in his defence. How far away those days seemed now..................”( Fraser Nelson)

“Since the Majority of Me
(P Larkin)

Since the majority of me
Rejects the majority of you,
Debating ends forthwith, and we
Divide. And sure of what to do

We disinfect new blocks of days
For our majorities to rent
With unshared friends and unwalked ways.
But silence too is eloquent:

A silence of majorities
That, unopposed at last, return
Each night with cancelled promises
They want renewed. They never learn.”

I love the terse pathos and sad resignation of that poem and brown`s awful plea for mercy reminded me of its funereal tone .Brown is becoming a pitiable figure for a Politician that is the end whether he admits it or not .

Brave brave loyal David Boothroyd. You can`t help admiring the little Grey Friar`s Bobby still yapping by the grave. Good boy....brave loyal dog !

Anonymous said...

"Remember, it is a psephological impossibility for Labour to lose the next election."

David Boothroyd I've seen you on other forums and that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard you say - it doesn't sound like you at all.

Newmania said...

Sorry to break the bad news to you, but Gordon will be back in come 2010, with a bigger majority and a strong mandate for his vision, a vision that more people are buying into and uniting behind, every day up and down the country

In Denial

When the ship that could not sink began a-sinking
Some of the Party simply started drinking
As the icy water lapped
Up their trouser legs and spats
The chance of playing bridge that night was shrinking

When Vesuvius disgorged it molten lavas
Some Pompeii-ans didn`t change from their pyjamas
They watched the others flee it
But they simply wouldn`t see it
To bad news they remained distinctly averse

To die by being eaten must be vile
So keep your distance from a crocodile
I knew a chap fell in
And while that gnawed at him
He said “ Its lovely “

He was in de `Nile

I`m going to cry if Boothroyd goes on(gulp) being so ( gulp sniffle ) brave ...

Anonymous said...

When even the Pravda website (sorry, BBC News) carries a PMQs sketch that suggest Broon's game is up, you know we're living in interesting times. The only question is: will he hang on for the full term or fall apart before then?

Anonymous said...

What's happening at PMQs is bullying of Brown. I suspect the raucous laughter that greeted Cable's Mr Bean joke hurt Brown more than Cameron's ruthless, though justified, attack on his competence. Bear-baiting used to be popular in England. We now have Brown-baiting at PMQs instead.

Anonymous said...

Can't understand glee over DC's performance, which I found disappointing.
Brown looked untroubled about repeated suggestion he himself should call in the police, using simple, if spurious, defence that process be left with the Electoral Commission.
Dave only rattled Brown when challenging his personal integrity, which was a low blow as not a single fact had been produced to justify the charge.
It was the very opposite of forensic.
He should have made more of the known facts; that Jay, Benn and at some stage Brown's camp had all had recent dealings with Abraham; that Abraham habitually used an alias and had been deselected as a candidate etc, and then left the 'jury' to construct their own scenario.
No doubt that Vince's joke will be the comment most spoken of by commentators.

Alfie said...

PMQs is excellent - if a little predictable as yet again, Brown comes over as being an utter pillock who has been promoted far beyond his talent. But for me, I just loved the half hour before PMQs on the Daily Politics. Watching Roy 'jowls' Hattersley losing it against Andrew Neil as he tried to defend the indefensible behaviour of LoanGate and the Whitty enquiry which is supposed to 'seek the truth' was a joy to behold. Talk about wall-to-wall gob and spittle - I thought Hattersley was going to have a sputum induced coronary. The Labour hierachy must really be desperate if they are wheeling such old has-beens as Hattersley out to defend their behaviour.

I remember Whitty from years ago - he's a doormat Labour man through and through. He will come up with the answer that Gordon wants. I just wonder what function the judge and the bishop will fulfil - aside from giving this stitch up some credence.... Surely they can see they are going to be little more than patsies?

Mulligan said...

Brown is increasingly like Janice Dickinson "I used to be a supermodel you know". In both cases the emperor's tailors are long gone.

Anonymous said...

If gordon spouts that crap about 10yrs of blah blah again i will kick the telly that was blair not brown and its all bullshit anyway.In his 155 days he has shown he is not half the man blair was and he was a rodent.
If brown was a "real" man he would have left politics to look after his sick kid im sure a cushy job would be found 3 days a week £100k per annum.He is just an ego on legs.

Anonymous said...

I would like to join the throng in pointing out that David Boothroyd is on another planet – or perhaps he is just living in the wrong country as he appears to want a permanent Socialist government and – de facto – one party Socialist state.

Moreover – like so many Lefties – he shows a blatant disregard for the facts when they don’t suit his argument. Although he tries to suggest his opponents are the ones who are deluded! When he says: “this is all just a load of flimflam got up by the usual suspects - the Tory press, the tory blogosphere…you know the rabble I mean.” - he needs to hold a mirror to the Labour Party to see they are “the rabble” who have brought this on themselves.

Another delusion is his assertion: “This is basically a centre-left country” when the Conservatives held office – in the 20th century – for 16 terms when his party managed a dismal eight [and dismal is one word to describe Labour governments].

As for this ridiculous statement: “Nobody's ever come back to win from the pasting you took in 2005” – he ought to look at more recent Labour Party history when Michael Foot – and the British electorate – nearly killed off the Labour Party.

But one thing I am in agreement with David Boothroyd over is Vincent Cable’s Christmas cracker joke about Mr Bean. Considering Cable is known as “Brutus” for his role in backstabbing his last two leaders [perhaps they gave him the acting leader role so he couldn’t backstab himself?], it sounds rather hypocritical to dub an opponent with a nickname too.

Gut Instincts said...

Perhaps Gordon's letter is already in the post.....

Dear Tony, my dear and trusted friend and soulmate, I miss you terribly. I wish it was like it used to be before you left me -- oh, the happy times we had! Why did you leave me all alone? If I ever did anything to upset you, you know I never meant it and it was all just a silly misunderstanding on my part. It's lonely without you -- please come back to me and we can be a happy pair again. You're devoted friend, Gordon, xxx

Anonymous said...

Walter said...

"1) Tax - if the arrangement described (giving money to others who then pass it on) is correct, then gift tax needs to be paid. It hasn't."

What is this Gift Tax? I didn't know there was such a thing in the UK. Are you confusing it with Inheritance Tax?

Anonymous said...


Thank you for that wonderful image of Greyfriars Bobby.

It describes the defiant Labour cultists so perfectly. I had not got further than thinking of them as farting against thunder.

Victor, NW Kent

Vienna Woods said...

So what comes next? We all know that something is going to blow and a great many top Labour grunters are having some sleepless nights. In the newspaper office's and in many homes there must be a great many frantic people trawling through photographs to find a deadly handshake, or two!

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as "gift tax" and gifts to political parties are exempt from inheritance tax.

Why do people invent taxes and laws that do not exist?

Anonymous said...

Having dismissed Cable’s comment about “Mr Bean” as a Christmas cracker joke, I would everybody to know that Cable is a plagiarist! The real writer is Leo McKinstry who used this comment about Comrade Brown – along with likening him to Nixon – in an interesting piece of analysis in the Daily Express on 19 November. This is the link: