Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Meeting Matt Drudge

Tonight at 11.30pm on Sky News I will be doing the paper review with none other than Matt Drudge, author of the world famous Drudge Report. Just to emphasise how influential he is, his site has had 16 million page views in the last 24 hours. Mine has had 18,000!


Anonymous said...

It may get hits, but that site is horrible. It's a mess and impossible to navigate. I much prefer yours...

Anonymous said...

Agree with above.

It's a very amateurish looking website and I never understood why Drudge has never sorted it out.

I guess he believes it's all about content over presentation. Fair enough. But really - a bit of style wouldn't go amiss!

Anonymous said...

Page hit stats are incredibly misleading. In fact all internet stats are. They don't record what you think they do; they are meaningless.

Anonymous said...

Yes, why don't you ask him about how they harvested Alistair Cook's body?

Then you could ask him about this:


and this:


I don't mind giving you the stories that Drudge would never touch.

Anonymous said...

How does it feel to be a pimple on an elephants arse? ;-))

Anonymous said...

Iain is simply completely uninfluential so any comparison is obviously going to favour drudge. If Iain disputes this, let him name a single major achievement he has had.

John Trenchard said...

"Page hit stats are incredibly misleading. In fact all internet stats are. They don't record what you think they do; they are meaningless."

but when it comes to Drudge you can't ignore them. His site is seriously influential in the U.S.

as to why he hasn't changed the style. well, its a case of if it aint broke, don't fix it.

sidenote: on a more technical level - if he's running it off just the one or two boxes and he's getting millions of hits per day, then stripped down basic raw HTML is the way to go.

if he wanted the front page to look fancier, he'd have to invest in a lot more hardware - which means, more costs.

also, if he used CSS stlying (he doesnt) then you get into problems with different browser and different platforms as they all have their quirks when it comes to CSS.

raw HTML is cross browser and works across all platforms.

Anonymous said...

Dear Iain

Old Chinese Proverb

... Do not despise the Snake

... Who knows

... She may grow into a Dragon

Your Readers may not be so numerous
but they are high-quality

Yr obedt servant etc


Rich Tee said...

It just seems to be lots of links to other people's news stories.

Or am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Hits are no indicator Iain, I have to say; and yes, I can ignore them no matter how 'influential' some people may judge the site to be. A site full of links to other people's news ain't so clever.

John, why do you try to blind us with science? CSS compatibility issues only kick in with advanced layouts... and there is always a way to fix them. I'm sure Mr Drudge could afford a couple of days of a developer's time - after all, he's getting x million hits per day...