Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mad, Bad and Sad

Lord Haw Haw has been reincarnated HERE. This idiot is so way out that even the Muslim Public Affairs Committee takes him seriously.

...There can be no doubt that Britain has become a police-state. Using the pretence of 'Anti-Terror' laws, themselves the product of an entirely fabricated 'War on Terror' which resulted from a false-flag incident involving the mass-murder of over 3000 innocent people, 911, and again 52 innocents in another false-flag incident involving Britain's secret services, 7/7....

...The new fascist totalitarianism that was behind 911, Madrid, Bali and 7/7 is now rapidly gaining ground, moving fast at the speed that Hitler's panzer divisions overran a bewildered western Europe in 1940... Just as Bush and Blair agreed to attack Afghanistan and Iraq a long time before 911 (of course they did, 911 was the excuse they both knew about) so the plans for the implementation of police states in the English-speaking countries can be taken a long while back before the events which were calculatedly manufactured to terrorize and bully a passive western population into submission.Utilizing a blueprint of commonality the tin-pot Atlanticist Hitlers and their quislings are working to a schedule to take our remaining freedoms and bury them in a deep grave before the next Oil and Resource wars are launched. It is no accident that only days ago, Britain's Number One Traitor and Quisling, Gordon Brown, once again swore allegiance to his bosses in Washington DC whilst condemning all those who in Britain dare to criticise the death-pact of the Anglo-Saxon Alliance to be "anti-American."That death-pact is nothing less than the totalitarian gauntlet which Brown threw down not only to declare his unending allegiance to the dark forces in the White House but as a deliberate taunt against his own people, do as you're told or I will punish you horribly! An arrogant, paunchy, feudal robber-baron making public his scorn for the peasantry over which he rules as a divine right.

It is no accident, either, that the so-called review issued by the idiot Lord West, Britain's Sicherheitsminister, used the false-flag bombings of London and Glasgow Airport as the grounds for the new draconian laws. I have no doubt whatsoever that those incidents, using the classical methods of secret services' entrapment, were deliberately caused in order to justify what has now been announced. Anyone naive enough to think I am talking nonsense should look at how all this was prepared-for and given a testbed in Ireland a long time before it started in earnest in mainland Britain... And 8 million Muslims have died as a direct result of USUK imperialism in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last 16 years. The comparison is complete.

Oh dear, oh dear. Just as well we all believe in freedom of speech, isn't it? Demented is the best word to describe these ramblings. But we shouldn't underestimate how widely held these fantasist views are.

UPDATE: It seems I have upset the idiot. More rantings HERE.



so why give these ramblings air... the best way to put out a fire is to cut off its supply of oxygen and you have just given it a fresh supply...

Iain Dale said...

Yes, I did think about that, but I think it's also important that the wider world knows what these idiots are writing.

Anonymous said...

Well done for putting them on here.

MPAC website has stuff like that on there all day....

The wider question of how many Muslims believe this need to be asked; and asked honestley.

Anonymous said...

Are you giving oxygen to their cause or exposing them to the full glare of sunlight.

To pretend they don’t exist and allowing them to peddle their nonsense under cover has never worked, just look at the rise of BNP and the EU.

Trusting the good sense of the majority and exposing these people for what they stand for has seen off many a charlatan….but hey, enough about Gordon Brown.

Anonymous said...


Always have been, always will be, loons like that. Our problems start when they win elections. Has happened, let's hope not here.

Daily Referendum said...

Let's get this straight. Is he accusing the leaders of the UK and the US of allowing the mass murder on their own people, to provide an excuse to commit mass murder on Muslims?

I think that goes beyond freedom of speech. Maybe I'm wrong. Does anyone know the fos laws?

Anonymous said...

"first they will ignore you, then they will ridicule you, then you win."


So laugh away because you know that this guy speaks the truth. And if you don't one of these fine days, you'll wake up with a horrible shock to see how blind you had been.

By then, of course, it will be too late.

So, go ahead, keep ridiculing.

Tapestry said...

The minds of those who revel in murder is likely to be a tad confused. That's probably why some of the more intelligent ones fnd their way out of it all, and they get left with the dross.

if you remember, we have to be extremely grateful to Herman Goerring for having the strategic capability of a bean bag. Trouble is even idiots take a while to deal with, and can do untold damage.

I hope the more intelligent moslems continue to play a role in dealing with the confused variety - tiresome and intellectually challenged lot that they are.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought Robbie,

Passage of time has shown that Ghandi was talking sense. And he did win, though only up to a point. But dictatorship or tyrany were never on his agenda.

Ridicule works with some would-be tyrants, our own 1930s blackshirts to a certain extent perhaps? The rest have to be opposed and even fought, but in democracies that tends to be left a bit late for comfort. But unless people don't know what they need to oppose they probably won't do anything except hope for the best. So Iain is quite right to lift up stones and shine his torch on the unpleasant creatures beneath.

Here's another thought, perhaps 'Danish Cartoons' should be seen as a civic duty rather than a lapse of multicultural good taste?

And here's yet another one. Are we quite confident that the beautiful aeroplanes we are flogging overseas won't ultimately fall into the hands of those who would love to use them against us?

That should do to start a flame war over the weekend I think!

Anonymous said...

NO. I think you have to publicise what they are saying, look how SF got a lot of sympathy for the substitution of an actors voice in both Britain and the republic of Ireland. Look how they gained votes when they stood outside the locked gates of stormont - here we are poor souls we're locked out and we only want to talk!!!
These tatics are old news to us in the North of Ireland, don't fall for them.
Examine them, air them and answer them, otherwise if they go unchallenged young people will read them and believe these passionate ramblings about the 'invader' as they were encouraged to do here.
Let us learn from the mistakes in N Ireland - be open and try to win hearts and minds, or the wierdos win.


Chris Paul said...

fatboyslimming has it in one ... aren't you one of those who argue that giving the BNP coverage is foolish and that they'll waste away without it?

humungous great quote as well ...

Anonymous said...

"Here's another thought, perhaps 'Danish Cartoons' should be seen as a civic duty rather than a lapse of multicultural good taste?"

Those comments indicate exactly where you're coming from. An area which I'd rather leave to your kind.

So forget your flame war, just stay under your stone, ok?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, oh dear. It would appear that the Pope is none too happy with Israel either.

An envoy from the Holy See visiting Jerusalem on Friday stated that Israel has failed to live up to its promises since diplomatic relations were established in 1993.

Do feel free to read on. The rest of the world will be, and no doubt it will be posted on the Vatican's own web-site too. Why would anybody take any notice of a Murdoch monkey boy like you?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the statement almost entirely.

But it matters not what I think or anyone else writes, because its going to happen, and it IS happening anyway. Whats just as important to realize is that there is damned all we can do about it.

You don't have to be a left wing loony to see the very serious world changing 'writing on the wall' that only surrounds us all, but has been engraved on everyones foreheads.

Just someone that REALLY KNOWS and fully understands their own history, which very many including modern history PHD's DON'T at all, and still be in control of a free and open mind.

This coming WORLD WAR is not about oil as such. Its not about left or right wing politics. It is not even really about religion. Its about a far more important matter then any of these things.

It is THE NEW WORLD ORDER coming to your town very soon.

You may say why do this? whats the point? surly our 1st world's leaders are not murders criminals?

So let me give you two words that may help you understand the world that you do still in fact live in.

Dresden, Nagasaki,

Look on the bright side. We are going to win it and hopefully only a few handed thousand of us are likely to die. However if I was an Iranian right now..........

Please don't take me seriously, because if you do I may get a visit from MI5, and end up being one of the first to do the full 56 days. So feel free to take the piss. It will make no difference to the worlds future now anyway.

Anonymous said...

"...exactly where you're coming from.............."

For Robbie's sake that's moderate right wing libertarian. He clearly doesn't like having the 'ohrr' taken out of him.

Anonymous said...

I just thought I'd mention that the idea the Jooz did 9/11 can also be found in "Borat: Cultural Learnings of america for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan".

Poor old Dave Spart - he must really miss the 70s!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes and Cuba is such a haven of liberty. What an asshole. Anyone who describes himself as a revolutionary is either a working class throwback like Citizen Smith or some overgrown middle class school boy. Friend of yours, Robbie?

As to people taking him seriously I am afraid many British muslims already do. As well as nuts like Brian Haw (and I totally disagree with people in my Party who think he should be allowed to turn Parliment Square into Tent City-he shouldn't even be there. Protest is one thing but he is LIVING there)and other whacko apologists such as Vanessa Redgrave.

Anonymous said...

Fanatics like this are not amenable to reason. They are into diatribe, not dialogue.

Once again, we must confront the terrible truth. There is such a thing as evil, and when it appears it must be crushed.

Anonymous said...

Oh look, Jock, Henry Porter seems to be agreeing with that whining leftie in Scotland.,,2212990,00.html

Opposition? You haven't had any opposition yet, loser. Scotsmen are only capable of whining on their knees and grovelling to a non-existent god to save them.

Smile at us, pay us, pass us; but do not quite forget,
For we are the people of England, that never has spoken yet.
There is many a fat farmer that drinks less cheerfully,
There is many a free French peasant who is richer and sadder than we.
There are no folk in the whole world so helpless or so wise.
There is hunger in our bellies, there is laughter in our eyes;
You laugh at us and love us, both mugs and eyes are wet:
Only you do not know us. For we have not spoken yet.

The fine French kings came over in a flutter of flags and dames.
We liked their smiles and battles, but we never could say their names.
The blood ran red to Bosworth and the high French lords went down;
There was naught but a naked people under a naked crown.
And the eyes of the King's Servants turned terribly every way,
And the gold of the King's Servants rose higher every day.
They burnt the homes of the shaven men, that had been quaint and kind,
Till there was no bed in a monk's house, nor food that man could find.
The inns of God where no man paid, that were the wall of the weak,
The King's Servants ate them all. And still we did not speak.

And the face of the King's Servants grew greater than the King:
He tricked them, and they trapped him, and stood round him in a ring.
The new grave lords closed round him, that had eaten the abbey's fruits,
And the men of the new religion, with their Bibles in their boots,
We saw their shoulders moving, to menace or discuss,
And some were pure and some were vile; but none took heed of us.
We saw the King as they killed him, and his face was proud and pale;
And a few men talked of freedom, while England talked of ale.

A war that we understood not came over the world and woke
Americans, Frenchmen, Irish; but we knew not the things they spoke.
They talked about rights and nature and peace and the people's reign:
And the squires, our masters, bade us fight; and never scorned us again.
Weak if we be for ever, could none condemn us then;
Men called us serfs and drudges; men knew that we were men.
In foam and flame at Trafalgar, on Albuera plains,
We did and died like lions, to keep ourselves in chains,
We lay in living ruins; firing and fearing not
The strange fierce face of the Frenchman who knew for what he fought,
And the man who seemed to be more than man we strained against and broke;
And we broke our own rights with him. And still we never spoke.

Our path of glory ended; we never heard guns again.
But the squire seemed struck in the saddle; he was foolish, as if in pain.
He leaned on a staggering lawyer, he clutched a cringing Jew,
He was stricken; it may be, after all, he was stricken at Waterloo.
Or perhaps the shades of the shaven men, whose spoil is in his house,
Come back in shining shapes at last to spoil his last carouse:
We only know the last sad squires ride slowly towards the sea,
And a new people takes the land: and still it is not we.

They have given us into the hands of the new unhappy lords,
Lords without anger and honour, who dare not carry their swords.
They fight by shuffling papers; they have bright dead alien eyes;
They look at our labour and laughter as a tired man looks at flies.
And the load of their loveless pity is worse than the ancient wrongs,
Their doors are shut in the evenings; and they know no songs.

We hear men speaking for us of new laws strong and sweet,
Yet is there no man speaketh as we speak in the street.
It may be we shall rise the last as Frenchmen rose the first,
Our wrath come after Russia's wrath and our wrath be the worst.
It may be we are meant to mark with our riot and our rest
God's scorn for all men governing. It may be beer is best.
But we are the people of England; and we have not spoken yet.
Smile at us, pay us, pass us. But do not quite forget.


Anonymous said...

The Marxist narrative always makes good reading, probably because there is some truth in there.

Interesting that the only coherent 'right wing' narrative seems to come from ex-Marxists. I am thinking of the US neo-cons in this respect. Just shows how easy it is for political intellectuals to shift from one extreme to the other.

roadrunner said...

Its teachings like these that are fanning the flames of Muslim extremism Sura (8:12) - I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them

Sura (9:123) - O you who believe! Fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness. These and numerous other verses from the Koran have been used for centuries to foment Muslim extremism and until the Muslims themselves do something about this their will be no peaceful co-existance.

Manfarang said...

Iain,how do you know this person has an English upper class accent?

Anonymous said...

London was a False Flag Bombing, and in the face of growing opposition to the EU, they will force it through by using another, probably more than one so 'Europe will better be able to deal with this under a united front against 'terror'

Why do you think he has the Civil Contingencies powers waiting in the wings. Forced movement of peoples around the country, forced property seizures, No parliamentary oversight, simply one word from a cabinet minister, National emergency, Ok two words.

Look at the Building 7 collapse, tell me that wasnt a controlled demolition.....What, you never heard of WTC7 ? I wonder why, did you know the BBC reported its collapse 20 Minutes before the event.

Anonymous said...

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