Tuesday, November 13, 2007

18 Doughty Street Set For 2008 Westminster Expansion

Well it's going to be all change at 18 Doughty Street very soon. We're negotiating to acquire an additional studio in the heart of Westminster (which will mean a change of name, for obvious reasons!), have attracted sizeable extra investment and recruited a new chief executive. There will be a much more 'netty' feel to it with new formats,
and while we'll be keeping the best of what we've done in the last year, we've learned a hell of a lot and hopefully will now put those lessons to good use. We're also recruiting two new presenters who will ensure a genuine non-partisan approach, as well as an editorial director.

In order to have time to prepare properly we've decided to ramp down our normal live schedule from the end of this week. All the 1500 hours of archived programmes will remain viewable on the archive and we'll still be uploading some precorded items in the runup to the relaunch early in 2008.

So do tune in on Thursday. From 7pm to 8.30pm we will be premiering three documentaries we made in Rwanda and then from 9 till 11 we'll be showing 18 Doughty Street's best bits from the last year. I'll be joined in the studio by Zoe, Donal and Shane, so let me know if there's any clips you think we should show.

I had intended to write this tomorrow but I gather someone in the comments on another blog has said things which are totally untrue. 18 Doughty Street is in expansion mode and we're all looking forward to the next step in its development. We're looking at growth and change, which is positive for everyone.


Old BE said...

a genuine non-partisan approach

Wasn't 18DS set up to counteract the left-wing bias in the mainstream broadcast media? I hope the new incarnation will be right-wing in its non-partisan offerings.

Anonymous said...


I see a great story in the Birmingham Mail today.

The Tory led council are selling off all the Municipal Golf courses to developers. Has someone at HQ told Phoney Eco Boy this fact

Man in a Shed said...

Following on Ed's comment - did 18DS change track to avoid EU regulation or for commercial reasons.

Since its somebody else's money they have the right to do what they want with it. But its a great shame.

Looking forward to someone restarting 18DS as it used to be.

Alex said...

Re: anonymous - Birmingham golf courses

Keep yawning, because they are not being sold off to developers. TThe council is considering its options which may include selling to private operators who would take a current loss maker off the councils hands, but 5 of the 7 sites are covenanted to be used for leisure purposes, so they can't be redeveloped

Anonymous said...

Loss maker, did you say LOSS MAKER Alex. They are supposed to be a SERVICE to the population of Birmingham. Typical Tory. Are the Tory led council of Bham going to privatise the swimming pools that also make a loss.. No sorry I take that back, they have already closed many of them along with the cities only ice rink..TO DEVELOPERS.

Anonymous said...

No one and I mean no one watches 18 Doughnut Street…Yawn indeed

Anonymous said...

No one and I mean no one watches 18 Doughnut Street…Yawn indeed

Anonymous said...

I think to capture the true Brownian tones you should amend your sign-off to read

"We're looking at growth and change, which is positive for everyone in Britain"

Anonymous said...

Aha, so you'll become the second net based tv channel in Westminster then?


strapworld said...


The Labour Party yoof are writing again! Reading this lot it does appear that they are getting very worried.

Excellent news and good luck to everryone, although I do share the sentiments of 'ed' by saying that I want a broadcaster which is going to be ANTI BROWN. ANTI LABOUR AND ANTI LIB DEM.

Anonymous said...

I don't want balanced presenters. I want people who share my values to counteract the legions of media presenters that have values that are alien to me.

You shouldn't change the name. It doesn't matter if you physically move away to new premises. You've established the 18 Doughty Street brand and you should take the brand name with you. Cherokee Jeeps are not made by Cherokees. They should not change their name to Blue Collar Assembly Line Jeeps.

Anonymous said...


Are people watching 18 Doughty then? I was sceptical of it being just a Tory front but a friend of mine worked with you on a show and was really impressed.

mrcawp said...

New unbiased presenters? Along with that awful Tatchell, it completely misses the point. 18DS - or any other successful news media ventures in this country - will only gain ground and overturn leftism if it they are a serious, informed and informative, sound-minded, small-c conservative voice.

We need different a different frequency.

Anonymous said...

I think you should know that in the North East a netty is a lavatory.

Anonymous said...

These new presenters - I do hope one of them won't be that dreadful Yasmin Alibi woman. You do want at least one or two people to watch, don't you?

No need to change the name. It's established as 18DS.

Anonymous said...

Not quite sure why you have to be going down the so called non partisan road.

The TRUTH should be what you are trying to get to, not BBC style dialectic nonsense, designed to obscure more then enlighten.

As for changing the name this is not obvious at all. There is nothing wrong with keeping the original name, as such.

In the future when people ask why you have a silly name like 18 Doughty Street you will have a story to tell. Which when it comes to marketing is not such a bad thing.

Take this from someone that knows a bit about marketing. The best way to sell something is to have as many unique selling points as possible. Just being on the internet is simply not enough and leads you open to competition far more then you are now.

Also be very careful with, who you get your finance from. If they have any influence on your content WHATSOEVER you will become as useless and pointless not to say dangerous, as the BBC before even your first month is over.

If you just did all this to make money then you may be doing the right thing. But if you seriously wanted to change anything about the way this country is doing things even a little bit. Then you are selling out and will be gone out of the place in no more then a few years at most.

Anonymous said...

Another boring anonymous, this one at 3:38 pm. What did you mean by "just a Tory front"?

What did you mean by this perjorative and over-excitable phrase? You mean, you thought it was financed by the Conservative Party?

Why does a conservative broadcasting station get slandered for "perhaps being just a Tory front"? Is it because you are so accustomed to the BBC being just a Trotsky front? Are you saying that no natural conservatives would set up a conservative broadcasting station of their own volition?

It is vital that you understand that conservatives are pro-free enterprise and their first thought on thinking of a new idea isn't "where can we go for funding?". It's "where can we go to raise capital and sell shares?".

female political and social comment said...

this isn't about doughty
has anyone else worked out who has funded the nuffield council report into alcohol consumption in the UK? if you want to read my piece it's on
do you think this is ok?
personally i think:
devious, underhand, sly, scottish cultural arrogance.
comments please

Anonymous said...

If you cant resist going for the big collectivist money. Then may I suggest the following.

Have separate alternate days for all the left and right wing FASCISTS, and separate alternate days for all and every type of REAL LIBERTARIANS.

So that I can know which days to watch and which ones to avoid like the proverbial plague. Or should I say the BBCs type of democratic freedom destroying BLACK DEATH.

Because I have no intention of kicking my computer as well as my TV out of the window.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the new venture, although I have concerns. Just as long as the appauling Boni Sones isn't one of the new presenters.

Anonymous said...

Yes Verity but please remember this.

Conservatism is also about down up and not top down wealth creation.

Its OK getting your cash from the market as long as it comes with no strings attached and can not easily be taken away for covert political reasons.

Fascism is top down. Or better known as the Classic masonic pyramid structure of "Control and Command."

Which is a very few if not one person controlling the masses. Ultimately in every tiny detail of their entire lives.

Hitler Brown Bush and Lenin went to the same market and look what they came back with.

Sea Shanty Irish said...

Also hope you retain the 18 Doughty Street moniker, Iain, because . . .

My dictionary (Random House) defines "doughty" as "steadfastly courageous and resolute; valiant".

HOWEVER, it defines "dotty" as "1. crazy or eccentric. 2. feeble or unsteady in gait; 3. very enthusiastic or infatuated (usually fol. by about or over)."

Verity, sounded as though Anon 3:38 was paying Iain & 18DS a compliment. Is THAT why you bit his head off? Could it be that YOU are a Labour mole/troll? In the same way that DICK CHENEY is quite possibly a highly-placed (to say the least) operative for Al Queda?

Just kidding . . . perhaps . . .

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sea Shanty but the people who post here, with the exception of illiterate socialist trolls and who cares about them, know what doughty means. What you may not know is, there is a street in London called Doughty Street.

Anonymous said...

Female Political etc

Brown is a statist. He will next be setting up the Wipe your arse properly Council. Nuffield report could have come direct from Govt despite its independent sounding name. Its about as independent as The Smith Istitiute. State should get out of and stay out of private lives. State as Mother and Father. Father Brown. Pass the sick bucket.

Anonymous said...

18DS is about making money, not promoting some Centre right agenda.

Everyone knows the owner is seeking to become iMurdoch.

Anonymous said...

imurdoch - "everyone knows". Could you name three or four of the "everyone" for our information, please?

Anonymous said...

Can I make some things as clear as is humanly possible. So that some may at least start to think for themselves, instead of just repeating BBC party indoctrinated lines of reasoning?

There is nothing wrong with making money. It is the gods simplest way of telling us we are doing a good enough job at what we have been allocated to do on this planet and that we are filling a gap in the market which would not be efficiently filled any other way.

However to quote a rather strange leader if the Conservative Party back in the early seventies.

There is an "unacceptable face of capitalism." which is not really capitalist at all,as we think we know the term. It has an agenda to control every aspect of our entire lives.

It is collectivist, highly immoral and as dangerous as bloody hell on earth. Sometimes known in the past as FASCISM.

But more specifically known as Corporate state socialism, based on pagan ritual human sacrifice. Human sacrifice either of the past literal or present metaphorical sense.

Ayn Rand knew what this was all about even if she possibly had no idea that her books were being promoted by the very people she distrusted the most.

Thatcher's Child said...

Very interesting how the story of 18 DS will read in a few years.
It started off as an ideological campaign to get the media available in rightwingorama but instead its just turned into an ego massaging event for a few people who can't get on the BBC!!

Throwing money at something doesn't make it better!

Anonymous said...

Sesame Street is more interesting and has better intelligent commentary.

And the resident presenter has less charm than Grouch

Anonymous said...

No Atlas, the ones you have to look out for are the lizards in human form. Fascist lizards that look just like freemasons, but with a super-secret handshake that takes centuries to detect.

It is a lethally inverted pyramid of hate from the seventh circle of hell, and we all know what that means.

I blame Julian Clary.

Anonymous said...

David Yikes - I blame Boy George. You can tell he has fascist tendencies by the fact that he chained that rent boy to the wall. (I wonder if he and Mark Oaten have ever met. They would have a lot to talk about.)

Anonymous said...

Verity, JEEP is the brand name, Cherokee is one of their models.

Ted Foan said...

Iain - let's see Chris Mounsey (DK) when he was "tired and emotional" and his mobile went off. Classic moment?

I only usually watch Vox Politics but found your programmes on the Electoral Map with Mr Waller fascinating. Also, interviews with new intake MPs were, for the most part, very useful in understanding what motivates people to become politicians. My favourites are interviews with characters like Archer, Hurd, Brandreth and Mercer amongst others.

18DS does need a revamp, though which, from my point of view, I hope will still include some (more) heavyweight late night discussions on current or developing issues.

Forget the "Top 10" things - they don't work - and the videos taken from the net (unless thay make a useful point) are just a distraction. And, please, please, don't have any panels that consist of giggly, middle-aged, opiniated, ex-political media advisers who take over the show - lovely ladies though they are!

Oh, you could also make it easier to navigate your archives - it's all a bit random at the moment.

Good luck with the re-launch but if you start charging to watch, as they say on Dragons' Den "I'm out!"

Anonymous said...

Two new presenters?
Chris Mounsey should be one of `em.
How do I go about auditioning for the other? :)

Anonymous said...

10:37 - Yes. I know.

The Uncivil Servant said...

All very nice but seems to Komrade Vokoff that is all nice glossy wrapping paper to disguise no real action. You western types spend so much time trying to tear opposition apart but no real guts to own policies. UK politics waste of time. Period. All draining life blood from taxpayer and filling own back pocket.

The Uncivil Servant said...

I notice also most remark here mostly anonymous or untraceable name. Shame. Peoples in UK fear reprisal from state? Is genuine fear? Why?

The Uncivil Servant said...

PS David Yikes I use that name once before I got citizenship, you no got imagination for youself?

Anonymous said...

sounds expensive.

Newmania said...

Can I see me , I was brillaint !!!

I thought 18 Doughty Street was un partisan already but if it is going to be like the rest of the left leaning media except less proffessional I`m not sure what the point is.
From a commercial perspective in News and current affairs the gap in the market televisually is to the right in the UK in fact there is a vast well of Daily Mail Telegraph and Sun Readers entirely unserved by the BBC and the old Licence holders ( Who are even worse if anything . It could make a fortune and have a huge impact .

I hope all goes well, the next GE could be the point at whcih the dam bursts .

jailhouselawyer said...

"I gather someone in the comments on another blog has said things which are totally untrue".

Whatever, it is true what Tim Ireland alleges about yours and other blogs in relation to missing links.

For example, you fail to provide a link for anyone wishing to follow up your claim and establish the truth of the matter.

Iain Dale said...

How very typical of you to expect me to link to a lie.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jail house lawyer,

I think for one such as you with a past such as yours, it seems unwise and reckless to cast around accusations of dishonesty!
Perhaps you have heard the phrase, people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Iain/Pooh Bear

Nice one.

Unsworth said...

@ Jailhouselawyer "For example, you fail to provide a link for anyone wishing to follow up your claim and establish the truth of the matter".

Why should he? Are these numbskulls not capable of getting off their fat arses and actually doing some research?

Just because the lovely Tim says something that doesn't a) make it true, and b) mean that we should all accede to his whims and fancies. In fact in my case it has precisely the opposite effect.

Anonymous said...

Tim Ireland... That will be that immigrant bloke who set up web blog community stuff. I’d keep your head down Timmy, pretty much every blue nose on this site and many others would be quite happy to have you kicked out of the country for merely being a migrant.

Paul Walter said...

Agree with others who said you should keep the name of course. We still refer to the press as "Fleet Street" even though they are scattered to the four winds. The 18 Doughty Street name sounds lovely and old maiden auntish - it's great. You'd be insane to change it - all that expense on web sites, stationery etc and then you have to build up your name recognition again. Completely bonkers to change it. But then, it's your business.

Paul Walter said...

You could rename it 18DS or something like that - keeping some of the established name recognition and making it a bit slicker in the process. Radio 210 in Reading did this - they stopped broadcasting on 210 metres (the origin of their name) but called themselves Two-Ten FM to keep some of their built-up brand recognition and listener loyalty, while smurgling over the fact that they haven't broadcast on 210 metres for about 15 years.

Anonymous said...

Good point about Fleet Street, Paul Walter.

18 Doughty Street has an identity. It's a brand name. You don't just dump a successful brand name; you build on it.

Paul Walter said...

Doughty TV? Keeps the doughty (fearless) and the play on "doubty"/doubting - which is an excellent brand for a polly telly station. All royalties to the Home for Bewildered Old Liberals please

Anonymous said...

I would change the name to 1DS so you can claim you have no formal links with the Tory party whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Vokkoff - what an onomatopoetic name, by the way - you wouldn't be another incarnation of Stanislav would you?

James Higham said...

18 Downing Street?

Ralph said...

It amazes me that so many Brownies are attacking something that according to them has no viewers.

Perhaps they could set up a rival channel which I'm sure would be as popular as Air America.

Are other opinions really that scary to them?

Anonymous said...

Londoners' Diary in the Standard today has picked up on this story in the context of other right-leaning organisations migrating from Bloomsbury.

The gossip-muppets hope that 18DS does not choose an address in Old Queen Street. What can they mean?

Cicero said...

Well, Iain all change in every sphere for you then!

Thanks for the opportunity to spar across the glass table a few times over the past year! Most of the time it was fun, and if occasionally both of us retreated into our partisan comfort zones, I think that by and large the shows did at least try to elucidate rather than to hide our views.

Best of luck with New Doughty and of course with the selection for Maidstone!

All the best,


Trixy said...

"more netty" *smirks*

Do you want to borrow my paper to read?

Anonymous said...

I share with many of the other correspondents the opinion that 18DS has not fulfilled its early promise. I understood its original intention was to offer a counterweight to the predominantly left-leaning broadcasting media that we have to suffer. At one time, 18DS provided much needed right-of-centre thinking through a generally excellent series of programmes.
However, it was not long before good presenters such as Tim Mongomery were sent packing and 18DS began its slide to the left, evidenced by the appearance of Tatchell and Alibi-Brown, both very unwelcome additions. Latterly, it has been sad to see Donal Blaney disappear from the screen. And now that new presenters "will ensure a non-partisan approach", the transformation of 18DS will be complete. Dale says 18DS will change, but I have little hope it will be for the better.

Iain Dale said...

Anonymous, I can assure you that Tim Montgomerie was not sent packing at all, as I am sure he would be happy to confirm.

Anonymous said...

[7:33] "I understood its original intention was to offer a counterweight to the predominantly left-leaning broadcasting media that we have to suffer. At one time, 18DS provided much needed right-of-centre thinking through a generally excellent series of programmes."

Yes, I thought so too.

It was a place one could feel at home, knowing one was around like-minded people who were committed to changing the political landscape and wresting the steering wheel from the greedy, obsessive hands of the lefties.

Then they got a couple of absolutely ghastly female lefty presenters. Why? Their only merit was that the standard of their dress broadcast political craziness.

No one viewing Doughty Street wanted balance. We wanted our side to be heard.

Then you got Peter Tatchell. As Iain knows, I am an admirer of Peter Tatchell for his sheer physical bravery in defence of commitment to his cause.

But he's a boring preacher of the lefty agenda. Like lefties everywhere, it's all "What we have to do ...". Weeeeeeeeee! I'm speaking for youuuuuuuu!.

Include me out, Peter.

That was the thin end of the wedge.

And now you want to be "balanced". Oh, gosh, there's a novel thought! Like the BBC?

The United States has plenty of right wing broadcasting outlets and they have huge followings. The British are craven and cowardly. They are so easily whipped into line by sneers. Americans are robust enough not to care if people sneer at them. The British right has lost its confidence.

Why give way to communist bullies? The Berlin Wall came down. Eastern Europe raced into capitalism. No point in kowtowing to the left. They always lose.