Thursday, May 20, 2004

David Cameron Day

A very enjoyable and useful day which was dominated by the visit of David Cameron MP, our local government finance spokesman to North Norfolk. However I started the day off in Norwich doing an interview with Radio 4's Today Programme on political egg throwing. Seemed to go quite well, especially when I told Jim Naughtie "you're showing your age". With David we did an interview with the EDP, half an hour on North Norfolk Radio and then a stint with the marvellous Sheringham Independent. Did a bit of street campaigning in Sheringham before a meeting with Conservative Councillors. This evening David and I spoke at a party fundraiser at the hugely imposing Hanworth Hall. About 100 people were present and there really seems to be a spring in the step of North Norfolk Conservatives at the moment. And about time too! While I write this I am watching a very depressing issue of Question Time which is concentrating on Europe. If this is the level of debate we are going to have God help us. I wonder if everyone else agrees with me about that awful Patricia Hewitt. I imagine every time she appears on TV she turns people off Labour. Good.


Iain Dale said...
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Westbury-on-Trym Lib Dems said...

Iain, were you able to put to David Cameron the figures we corresponded about on the level of income required for a typical household to pay as much in local income tax as they now do in Council Tax?

You will remember that you had applied the Lib Dems' 3.8% estimate to a household with two adults in full time employment, which appeared to be a mistake as the average household has just one adult in full time employment (due to pensioners, part time workers, unemployed people etc). My back-of-an-envelope calculations suggested a family would need a combined income well above average (around £40,000) to pay the same under local income tax as they do under Council Tax.

Was Mr Cameron able to shed light on the matter?

Iain Dale said...

James, Yes, I did talk to him about it. He had researched the figures himself before he came up here and said that anyone with a joint income of £35,000 or more would be paying more. I think the higher figure related to people who would be paying £650 extra. However, I am going to get chapter and verse from the policy wonks, as I will obviously want to use this in the future. By the way, do you live in North Norfolk?

Westbury-on-Trym Lib Dems said...

Have lived in Sheringham in the past and may very well do in future. Currently in London.