Thursday, May 27, 2004

A Busy Day Ahead

Last night I attended Gunthorpe Parish Council. I met an old friend from my days at UEA, John Corney. His mother has been Norman Lamb's election agent in the past. Small world.

Today is going to be a hectic one - a visit to Fakenham Laundry, attending a consultation meeting at the Dementia Unit at Rebecca House, a visit to Aldborough School, canvassing in Roughton and then I'm popping down to Norwich North to help them canvass for the City Council elections in the Catton Grove ward. I stood for the Council there in 1985 - 19 years ago! It was a memorable experience as polling day was the day before my finals. Indeed, it proved to be extremely memorable as I was involved in a car accident while taking three ladies to vote. A motorbike tried to overtake me as I turned right and he broke his leg. I ended up directing traffic wearing my blue rosette. It turned out he was a Catton Grove voter, as I went to see his parents later and they were displaying a VOTE LABOUR poster in their kitchen window. Honestly, the lengths candidates go to to prevent people voting! That was a joke, by the way...

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