Monday, May 24, 2004

Nothing Much Happened Today...

Nothing much happened today is the title of an X Files episode. I really miss that programme! About the only notable event today was a ten minute appearance on Sandi Toksvig's radio programme on LBC. They wanted me to talk about my views on Iraq. I guess to sum up I was in favour of the war and still think toppling Saddam was justifiable. But I am horrified that we were lied to about the real reason for going to war and for a British Prime Minister to send our soldiers into battle without the vaguest idea of what would follow the war is just unbelievable. I'm reading Bob Woodward's book PLAN OF ATTACK and it is clear that Bush and Blair were so convinced they would be received on carpets of rose petals that no contingency plans were ever made. But the fact remains that the Iraqi people are enjoying a freedom which they haven't seen for years. I think the key is what happens when sovereignty transfers back.

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