Sunday, May 02, 2004


Friday was one of those days when a candidate chases his tail. Ann Widdecombe was due at 2pm but she took the wrong turning off the M25 and ended up coming to Cromer via the A1. When she got here I took her to Paston Sixth Form College in North Walsham. Peter Mayne, the very bouncy Principal explained how 6th From Colleges get about a third less funding per student than High School 6th Forms, which really is iniquitous. We then went to talk to an A Level History Class before driving over to Stody to appear on North Norfolk Radio. I thought we were going on for 5 minutes but ended up being on air for 45 minutes... which was nice (as they say on the Fast Show). But that made us very late for Walsingham Catholic Shrine, where we were shown arund by Father Noel Wynn. Back to Swanton Abbott to change before dinner. Ann rather astonished me by saying how she wouldn't mind a plate of egg and chips prior to leaving for the dinner. I thought she was joking, but she wasn't! Bear in mind this was about 6.45pm and the dinner started at 7.30! I don't think Harvey off Celebrity Fit Club would have approved! Being a true gentleman, I wouldn't have mentioned it but Ann proceeded to tell every person she met about it, so I feel entirely unconstrained! The dinner went very well and we raised a tidy four figure sum for party funds.

On Saturday I was out on the door knocker in Melton Constable and Briston, before attending the wedding of the Mayor of Cromer, Keith Johnson. In the evening I went to the best restaurant in Cromer, Jacque, which is in Garden Street. The fod and service are superb and apparently myb recommendations have brought them a bit of custom, so that's good! Today I've been in Swanton Abbott doing some campaign planning and then I popped over to see Keith Simpson in Reepham.

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