Wednesday, May 12, 2004


It's nearly 2am and I have just got back from doing a newspaper review at the BBC on News 24. 150 mile round trip for the glory of appearing on a digital channel for 5 minutes. I had to speak about the American who was beheaded by thugs in Iraq. Truly horrifying, but it serves to remind us of what we are there for. I imagine this was a regular occurence under Saddam's regime. It's probably not a politically correct thing to say (but since when has that worried me?) but those who carried out this act and brandished the head to the camera are little more than sub-human. These are people who cannot be reasoned with, cannot be negotiated with. There is only one language that they understand and we shouldn't be afraid to speak it. While we worry about the odd incident of apparent brutality these people are running amok. I have increasing doubts about the veracity of the Daily Mirror pictures which apparently show British soldiers mistreating Iraqi prisoners. If they do turn out to be faked I look forward to the resignation of Mr Piers Morgan.


David said...

What a fortune teller you are! Piers Morgan sacked!

Any idea of the Lottery Numbers for saturday 18th May please....?

Iain Dale said...

Not one of my more difficult predictions... I'll pass on the lottery nubers but I hope West Ham thrash Ipswich 3-0 in the playoffs today!