Monday, May 10, 2004


Did you see the Labour Party PPB tonight? Talk about a sign of Labour being rattled! I have never seen anything like it. To spend a whole PPB decrying Michael Howard was quite astonishing. And it unfortunately will make people even more cycnical about politics. I hope we manage to fight a slightly more positive campaign than that. And what do you think of the new design to this Blog then?


Iain Dale said...

Hurrah, I managed it! Now, no naughty words please... Iain

Modern Conservative said...

It's very odd that the Labour Party are fighting these elections as if they were a general election. I wonder if they have written them off already and have just decided to use the air time to lay down themes for the next general election.

The blog looks great - I'm surprised by how few comments you have had so far.

Iain Dale said...

I'm not surprised I have had few comments. I only managed to work out how to add a COMMENT facility about an hour before this entry was posted!