Sunday, May 23, 2004

LibDem Shame

CLICK HERE to see the most shameful election leaflet ever put out by the LibDems. They haven't gone quite so far in North Norfolk yet, but their Euro leaflet has prompted me to write to the EDP. Here's the text.

The LibDem manifesto which dropped through my letterbox the other day
should win a prize for fiction, as well as negative campaigning. The
LibDems pretend to be slightly eurosceptic yet they would sign up to the
Euro and the constitution which would create a United States of Europe.

They have a picture of an empty chair, alleging that Conservative MEPs
have been absent from key votes in the European Parliament. Yet records
show that Conservative MEPs have voted in 85% of divisions and LibDems
81%. Andrew Duff paints himself as a European campaigner yet he missed a key
pesticides vote. Norman Lamb tells us in the manifesto that he has
campaigned for a referendum on the European Constitution. Good for him.
But if you ask him if he is in favour of it he admits he hasn't even
read it. If you're in North Norfolk and ask Mr Lamb if he's in favour of
the Euro he avoids saying yes or no. Yet speaking to last year's LibDem
conference he waxed lyrical about the benefits of the Euro. There's a clear choice on June 10th. Voting Labour or LibDem will mean we're one step closer to the Euro and a United States of Europe. If you want to keep the Pound, protect British sovereignty, withdraw from the Common Fisheries Policy and are against the European Constitution vote
Conservative. It's as simple as that.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Dale

Please could you explain to me why it will benefit the environment, and the diminishing and increasingly vulnerable fish in our seas and oceans, to withdraw from the Common Fisheries Policy?

Iain Dale said...

If you email me your address I will send you our policy document on this issue -