Tuesday, January 20, 2004


A very dreary and wet day in London. Today I have to play "Select Committee Chairman" again, and then later on tonight it's off to the BBC to review tomorrow's newspapers on News 24. If you're an insomniac I'll be on at around quarter past midnight. Caught up with the Alan Clark Diaries last night on video. Can't have been very good as I was snoozing after ten minutes. I knew Alan Clark a little. When his book The Tories came out he invited me to lunch at The Ivy (my one and only visit!). To be honest I was rather dreading it asI couldn't imagine getting on with him. How wrong I was. I met him a few times after that, often with his wonderful wife Jane. I even got the point of putting my hat in the ring as the author of his authorised biography. In the end I decided that I just wouldn't have the time to do it and to be honest, for my first biography, I thought I might not be able to do him justice.

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