Friday, January 16, 2004


Feeling very sorry for myself today as I have the mother of all colds. The move to Swanton Abbott went well yesterday - well, if you call unloading a lorry at 9.30pm in the pouring rain fun, I suppose it went well.

I seem to have upset the local Liberals twice this week. They've complained about my forthcoming appearance at the Little Theatre in Sheringham with Ann Widdecombe. Funny they never complained when Clement Freud appeared there. They've also taken great exception to my comments on the need for new legislation on the so-called Tony Martin law. I don't advise them to tune in to Anglia TV on Sunday at noon then.

This morning I went to the Conservative Group Meeting at County Hall. Guess I'd better not discuss it here otherwise I might be reported to the Standards Board... The rest of the day will be spent slaving over a hot keyboard and a hot toddy...

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