Friday, January 02, 2004

Oops, I've done it again. Here's a self explanatory press release...

As the controversy over the Radio 4 Today Programme Listerner's Law Poll continues, North Norfolk Conservative Candidate Iain Dale today revealed that the Tony Martin Law was shortlisted at his insistence. As one of the three judges whose task it was to shortlist 5 laws from the 7,000 suggestions from the programme's listeners, Dale says that his co-judges Stephen Piund MP and Julia Hartley-Brewer were both dead against including ths suggestion of a new law to enable people to protect their own properties.

Iain Dale says: "It was clear that there were lots of people who wanted this on the shortlist and I was determined it should be included. I applaud Kevin Marsh, the Today Programme Editor for agreeing with me. It is typical of a New Labour MP for Stephen Pound to renege on his promise to bring the law before Parliament. He shouldn't have agreed to take part in the programme if he was not willing to abide by the result. I know from North Norfolk people how strongly they feel on this subject and their views are obviously reflected throughout the country. People want to feel safe in their own homes and be able to defend their property should the need arise without fear of being accused of a crime themselves. As far as I am concerned, if someone puts a foot over your doorstep when they haven't been invited to they lose many of their natural legal rights. We need to think about the victims in these cases rather than the burglars."

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