Saturday, January 24, 2004

Just off out to Stalham where we're going to do a high street petition and then go canvassing in Catfield. Yesterday I visited Paston College in North Walsham - it's a 6th form and FE college and a very impressive one at that. Peter Mayne, the Head Teacher almost bubbles over with enthusiasm for what he is doing. Apparently Nelson went to school there! I then drove to Blakeney to get a local government briefing from Bernard Crowe, one of our District Councillors. In the evening I attended a public meeting in Cromer about the new Cromer Hospital, chaired by my opponent Norman Lamb. David Prior (former Tory North Norfolk MP) was there in his capacity of chairman of the Norwich & Norfolk Hospital Trust. I joked to LibDem councillor Simon Partridge that it was a case of past (David P), present (Norman Lamb) and future (me!). Strangely he didn't agree. Simon is about 6 foot 8 and absolutely towered over me. I'm 6'2 so it's not that usual!

Just as an aside I always thought that Jenny Tonge was a bit mad, and her suicide bomber comments have proved it. Quite astonishing. She's one of those politicians who, when watching Question Time, make you cringe so much you feel you want to turn the TV off.

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