Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Here's a press release I've just issued which speaks for itself...

North Norfolk Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman Iain Dale today hit out at LibDem North Norfolk District Council's decision to close three local tourist offices in Fakenham, Mundesley and North Walsham and to increase car parking charges to subsidise the cost of wheelie bins.

Iain said: "I am appalled at this short-sighted decision by LibDem councillors. Tourism is a growing part of the North Norfolk economy and this decision will send all the wrong signals. If so few people are using the Tourist offices we should be asking why that is rather than taking a knee jerk reaction and closing them. I fully understand the need to save money but this can be done in ways which will not harm the local economy, like reversing the policy on introducing wheelie bins, for instance."

Commenting on the decision to increase car parking charges to pay for the expensive wheelie bins Iain said: "Increasing car parking charges will further hit the motorist and be a disincentive to local people to drive into town centres. By this act LibDem councillors are risking North Norfolk town centres becoming ghost towns. They should take a leaf out of Dereham's book, where car parking is free and Dereham town centre bustles with activity. By implementing the introduction of wheelie bins at a cost of half a million pounds the LibDems have made a rod for not only their own backs but for every council tax payer in North Norfolk."

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