Thursday, January 29, 2004


Yesterday was one of those days you just wish would end. At about mid day I got a call from my accountants to say that I had to be double the amount of tax I thought I had to pay - and all by Saturday if you please. We then had the Hutton Report (or do I mean whitewash?). I then set out for Norfolk and idiotically didn't lock my car while paying for petrol in an East London Texaco garage. Cue stealing of mobile phone. Worse than that the phone contained my entire diary and contacts. And on top of all that it took four and a half hours to get to Norfolk, so I got to bed at 2am. Do you ever get the feeling your biorhythms are working against you?

Today was rather better - lunch near Fakenham and then a meeting in Dereham to discuss the Boundary Commission report on Norfolk. After the next election they're hacking a bit off the west side of the constituency (Fakenham, the Raynhams etc). Labour want that bit to stay and six wards in the East to go. Strangely the Libdems are staying silent. In actual fact they are trying to get Labour to do their dirty work for them. After all, Norman Lamb wouldn't want voters in the east to think he wanted to get rid of them would he? Perish the thought...

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