Sunday, January 11, 2004

A great day in Cromer yesterday. We did the first of our High Street 'Blitzes' collecting signatures for a petition on a referendum on the European Constitution. The response was amazing. Not only did we collect 300 signatures in an hour and a half, we also recruited some new party members. In the afternoon we went out canvassing in Cromer and again, were delighted by the response. There seems a real willingness on the part of the electorate - nay an enthusiasm! - to consider voting Conservative - and this from people who haven't voted for us in the last three elections. I think they recgonise that in Michael Howard we have a leader who can really take the fight to Blair. The other good thing, which appealed to my vanity if nothing else - is that I am getting recognised by people after a comparatively short time. One lady said when asked who she might vote for next time, "I'm voting for Iain Dale" rather than I'm voting Conservative. I think that's a good sign.

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