Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Most Out of Touch MP?

Lisa Nandy is one of Labour's much trumpeted 'New Generation' of Labour MP. The trouble is, she is so seemingly out of touch that you wonder if this is all Labour has to offer from its future leaders then Ed Miliband has a lot to worry about... However, she does support the unions so maybe she is exactly the kind of MP 'Red Ed' is looking for...

She supports John McDonnell's bill to make it easier to strike.

She joined the All Party "Health and Safety" Parliamentary group when elected and came out against Lord Young's report which called for health and safety reforms.

She asked if a risk assessment on child internet safety had been done ahead of the Treasury's launch of the "Spending Challenge" website which asked for views on public sector cuts.

She's opposed to all tuition fees in principle.

She gives a Commons pass to a union official from the UCU

She said we should consider a UCU idea to raise corporation tax to pay for tuition fees and she is opposed to traditional unpaid internships.

It's not so much 'Red Ed' but 'Lefty Lisa'.... But perhaps I am wrong to say she is the most out of touch MP. Perhaps you have other examples? And not just in the Labour Party! :)

UPDATE: A reader alerts me to this tweet from EyeSpyMP. Perhaps she isn't as out of touch as I had first thought :)


Duncan said...

Most out of touch MP? Perhaps Gideon "George" Osborne, the trust-fund heir, who claims we're "all in this together" while resting comfortably on a nest egg he never earned on which he will avoid paying inheritance tax.

Or Nadine Dorries, who is out of touch with reality in her baseless claims of stalking, and her lies to Parliament about her lies on her blog intended to mislead her constituents about where she lived.

Or perhaps David Cameron, so out of touch with reality that he claimed a great victory in the EU budget last week having utterly failed to make any change to what was proposed.

Lots of contenders, right enough.

Horsell Lib Dems said...

I don't necessarily agree with all that she is said to have done but surely it is the case that she holds a view which differs from yours. I don't see that makes her out of touch. Hers may not be the prevailing view but she is entitled to her opinions and beliefs.

Pogo said...

In terms of MPs being out of touch with reality as against being out of touch with "the party", I'd venture to suggest some 640-odd names.

Jimmy said...

From the archives:

"It is this sort of decision which brings industrial relations law into disrepute. I'm glad BA cabin crew won't be on strike, but I'm concerned at how the Judge in this case defied all common logic in his findings. Surely common sense has a part to play here, as well as the literal wording of the Act. It can surely never have been meant to be interpreted in this way."

Out of touch or what?

Owen said...

...and yet she has been elected by public vote, whereas your own attempts to do likewise have repeatedly ended in failure. Perhaps you need to rethink what you consider 'out-of-touch', as it seems from this article that you really mean 'disagrees with me'.

Jamie said...

Could this post be re-titled "Labour MP isn't Tory shock"?

Kevin said...

She must be pretty effective or you wouldn't bother attacker her Iain! If she's so out of touch how come William Hill have her at 25-1 to be next Labour Ledaer when she's not even in Shadow Cabinet? Always trust the bookies...she'd be an improvement on most MPs on the basis of the quotes you've given

Nick said...

Well, if all of those things make you out of touch, then that's Peter Bone and Philip Hollobone (voted for closure on the McDonnell Bill), Brian Binley, Gordon Henderson, Ann McIntosh, Michael Ellis (members of the All Party Health and Safety Group - the clue's in the words ALL PARTY) and every Liberal Democrat MP (you know, the Lib Dems, the ones you're in coalition with, committed to abolishing tuition fees), Philip Davies (also opposed to all tuition fees on principle, as well as several other Tory MPs I can't be bothered to look up) to add your list.

Good luck pulling those rhetorical bullets out of your own feet...

Robert said...

It is blogs like this that make you one of the out of touch bloggers, while Cave in Dave after his triumph in Brussels is now entertaining the chiefs of the EU defence force.

Elby the Beserk said...

Surely the MP Guido picked out, who says there is "much to be admired about China's Control and command economy" wins the prize?


Political Scrapbook said...

This is really weak and beneath you, Iain.

Your criteria for being "out of touch" would seem to be:

1) Having a mind of your own
2) Disagreeing with you
3) Being in the Labour Party

Honestly, this is astonishingly poor.

FAO GRANT TUCKER: Please save Iain from himself next time he tries to publish something like this.

Anonymous said...

"The Most out of touch MP?" He showed his face at about 10.00 last night in an adjournment debate. He should go, hermit like, never to return and write one last book titled, 'How to destroy a nation by being the most bigoted moron in the country'.

johnpaul said...

25/1 on her beingnext labour leader, Whats Mcdonmnells plans for changing union laws, take the rough with the smooth, i'd like to see more people allowed to attend picket lines,if on the other hand there had to be a 50% turn out in votes,if opposing change in health and safety laws means Police/Fire brigade bosses can send their staff in more dangerous situations without worrying about being prosecuted, then i'd like to keep health and safety laws

Terence said...

To really see Lisa's M.O. you need to read the drivel she posts on Liarlist.org.

I would describe Lisa as a pre prprogrammed peddler of anti Tory and Thatcher drivel. Completely in denial about what her ruinous party did to the country.


Terence said...

To really see Lisa's M.O. you need to read the drivel she posts on Liarlist.org.

I would describe Lisa as a pre programmed peddler of anti Tory and Thatcher drivel. Completely in denial about what her ruinous party did to the country.


Contented Lib Dem said...

I nominate Bridget Phillipson. http://contentedlibdem.blogspot.com/2010/11/bridget-phillipson-and-ema.html

Eskimo said...

Iain, what even motivated you to write this? You normally present yourself as being above the kind of gutter sniping blogging that Paul Staines goes in for - yet here, in one single posting, you've demonstrated that you're just as happy to play to the crowds.

Shame on you for lowering youself to this level.