Monday, November 01, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Simon Clark discusses Professor David Nutt, drugs and alcohol.
2. Phil Taylor takes a look at the statistics from the last national strike.
3. Ellee Seymour has a wonderful example of the Big Society in action.
4. Alastair Campbell sums up his Monday morning blogging.
5. Damian Thompson thinks young muslims are more religious than their parents.
6. Sam Bowman wants to abolish child benefit altogether.
7. Jonathan Sheppard asks, will you be wearing a poppy?
8. Even David Osler is disappointed with Obama.
9. Stumbling and Mumbling draws an analogy between cricket and the economy.
10. Nanny Knows Best highlights another example of council incompetence.
11. Jeevun Sandher has some ideas to give power to the people.
12. Walaa Idris wishes the Republicans and the Tea Party the best of luck!

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