Sunday, March 14, 2010

Will You Be Watching At 10.15 Tonight?

There's no doubt that Gordon Brown's Piers Morgan interview did him some good, albeit indefinable. Tonight we get to see David Cameron with Sir Trevor McDonald at 10.15 on ITV1. The format of the programme is very different - a one to one interview but not in front of a studio audience, which I think is a shame.

Much of the pre programme discussion has revolved around the fact that Samantha Cameron is giving her first TV interview. I gather Mary Cameron, David's mother, also features. I can't see what is so newsworthy about this. Of course a political wife will want to do what she can to support her husband, just as Caroline Spelman's and Theresa May's husbands support their spouses. Some feminists are sick to their stomachs as Sarah Brown and Samantha Cameron stand by their men. To me, it is the most natural thing in the world for them to do. Indeed, if they refused, no doubt they would attract criticism for that too.

I think people have every right to want to know more about the man they may end up with as Prime Minister. A politician's family life has a huge impact on his or her capacity to do the job, and the voters have every right to want to peek into the family background which makes David Cameron or Gordon Brown tick.

I've never met Samantha Cameron. I've never heard her speak, so I for one will be tuning in tonight with more than a hint of inquisitiveness.

Just as an aside, the trailer for this programme is obviously working. I am at my parents today for Sunday lunch [dutiful son on Mothers' Day, you see]. My sister, Sheena, (the punk rocker) was fiddling with her mobile phone during lunch, much to the irritation of my mother, who eventually piped up: "Can you please stop fiddling with that phone. You're as bad as David Cameron!"


sarah said...

Iain, I just watched Brown's total car crash on the Politics show. He's toast in the leaders' debates - he was at his absolute cynical, statistic spouting worst.

Cameron can't do as bad as that if he tried.

Quiet_Man said...

"Will You Be Watching At 10.15 Tonight?"


Plato said...

Sure will be - if you didn't catch it, Gordon doing his version of CameronDirect on the Politics Show is a MUST SEE.

Car crash would be a kind description of it.

I'd urge Tory press officers and spokespeople to recommend viewers to iPlayer!!

Moriarty said...

As a committed Conservative who will be happily voting that way I can honestly say I'd rather chew my leg off.

bobthedog said...

Its all bluff and blather, I care not about Cameron or Brown nor theri wives, I can vote for neither Brown nor Cameron, nor do I want the opportunity to do so either.

I will be voting for the best constituency MP, and one who has been a good representative for my local area, he does happen to be a Conservative.

Will I be watching the show, no. We are weeks from the election, and Im sick to death of it already.

arthur said...

I do hope Sam Cam does NOT say David 'is my hero'. Totally sick making!