Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Saturday

1. A Very Public Sociologist on the politics of no platform.
2. Ellee Seymour on her (pff film) encounter with the LibDem PPC who's a porn director.
3. Max Atkinson on how Nick Clegg continues to defy Rory Bremner.
4. Declan Lyons on broken Britain.
5. Cranmer on the LibDems' Spring Conference.
6. Letters From a Tory on a double dose of nonsense from the LibDems.


Martin said...

Iain, how do you resist the temptation to shove something in the mouth of the awful Yasmin Alibi Brown?

Her racist rantings are terrible, to describe the HoL as 'terribly white' (one of her typical statements) is so misinformed. Does she not know that London and the offices of the Independent are not typical of the UK and that Britain is for the most part 'horribly white'?

I've never understood why if she hates this Country so much she doesn't piss off back to Uganda which is where she came from.

In fact I'd pay for her one way ticket.

As a left handed person I'm sure Parliament is horribly right handed,for those of us left handed we have to live in a world where everything from a mobile phone, to a computer and a can opener is designed for a right handed person, yet something like 15-20% of the population is left handed.

Where's my representation then?

Red Rag said...

Iain - Any chance of finding out who at Tory HQ told ConHome to pull the article asking for George Osborne to resign?

tory boys never grow up said...

CCHQ to Tory bloggers: target the Lib Dems.

Charlotte Corday said...

Iain, I suppose you were too busy last night to watch the National Lottery "In It To win It" quiz show?

You missed a contestant being asked to name the members of Tony Blair's Cabinet and coming up with Anne Widdecombe!