Friday, March 05, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Luke Akehurst remembers Michael Foot.
2. Mark Reckons on MPs' pay.
3. Your Mandate on how to fix NHS dentistry.
4. Ben the Prisoner on his time as prison pornographer in chief.
5. Nadine accuses her LibDem opponent on being a Jack of all words.
6. Party Lines interviews Dizzy, who reveals an antipathy to political parties.
7. Hopi Sen on his attempt to be selected as Labour PPC for Gateshead.
8. Cranmer on an example of religious intolerance by Labour.
9. Ambush Predator on how the government want to make us eat bigger chips.
10. Left Foot Forward reviews the political week.
11. Calum Cashley says people should lay off Steve Purcell, the leader of Glasgow City Council who has resigned.
12. James Forsyth on why Tory internal polling matters.


Snowdon said...

Here's another one for you...

A first for the blogosphere as blog-readers raise money to free jailed man.

Nick Hogan to be freed

Anonymous said...

No mention of the resignation (under a chemical cloud) of 'rising Labour star', Steven Purcell ...

Like I say - you are far too nice Iain. Jonah had joined him at a fund-raiser last week.

Anonymous said...

Prediction: Steven Purcell is going to be big in the Sunday Newspapers!!! lol

Seriously, can only be the reason he resigned as he has done!

Ian said...

Foe information, Steven Purcell has now resigned his council seat in Glasgow's West End having already checked in at Castle Craig rehabilitation centre (the centre specialises in Drg and alcochol addiction)

Boris-Frank said...

What is the name of the young woman who is running for office in England (I believe) on a platform of openess. She would open her travel accounts, expense accounts, etc... to the public. Her campaign was covered here in the U.S. but I do not recall her name.