Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sporting Quotes of 2007

There's some great sporting quotes of 2007 HERE. My three personal favourites...
"It was revealed this week that Hamilton will be driving in Monaco with diamonds embedded in his helmet. Christ, that's gotta hurt."
Derek McGovern's column in the Daily Mirror.

"Nothing surprises me in football but if I said I was astounded that would be an understatement."
Ray Wilkins on Jose Mourinho's departure from Chelsea.

"Ryan O'Leary had to come on in the second half because Simon Ford was feeling his groin at half-time."
Comment from Kilmarnock Manager Jim Jeffries after the game v Hearts.


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My favourite quote comes at the end of 2007 -

"Keane never misses penalties. I can categorically state, that Robbie Keane will not miss".

- David Pleat on radio 5live - shortly before Robbie Keane missed his penalty against Arsenal. classic!