Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Dizzy compares Brian Paddick's joke about a dead Tory MP with... well, read it for yourself. Dizzy also gives a running commentary on the Nadine v Dale spat on Catherine Tate.

2. Cicero's Songs discovers a post on the Womble blog which people should avoid clicking on a) if they find Catherine Tate offensive or b) don't find rude place names funny. Like the village of W**k in Bavaria I drove through once. I even have a pic...

3. Dave's Part wishes everyone a Happy New Labour. And warns Gord to get his act together by April. Or else. Capiche?

4. Andrew Sullivan equates Kenya with Rwanda.

5. Gavin's Gaily Digest (the artist formerly known as the Whiskey Priest) reckons his party leader, Nick Clegg, should be called a Tosser. Has someone else accessed his blog?!

6. Our Kingdom reckons the BBC should treat Alex Salmond with more respect.

7. Adrian Monck on two very different views of the value of TV news.

8. ConservativeHome readers reckon Dominic Grieve should be in the Shadow Cabinet. And they're right.

9. Dan Hannan wants Primaries here!

10. Conor Ryan is a man after my own heart. His experience of Heathrow reflects mine.

11. Chris Paul is urging Chris Huhne to dial 999.

12. James Forsyth is in Iowa and has a plethora of excellent posts on the Spectator Coffee House.


Gavin Whenman said...

Thanks for the link Iain. Just my luck that it comes on the day I move over to a new site - :-)

Alan said...

Have to say, I find Paddick's little joke to be in astoundingly poor taste. It's not just that he goes for the cheap laugh, or that he's making a joke about someone's death, it's that he can get away with it. As Dizzy says, can you imagine how much stick a Conservative MP or candidate would have got in the press if he made such a joke? As always with the Lib Dems, it's a case of look fair, play dirty. I also think Paddick needs reminding that his party very nearly elected a man as leader who liked being shat on by man whores. Not so funny is it now, Brian?

dame zarathustra toadthrottler said...

This is all very well, but what about my pet stoat Edith's nostril hair???


Laurence Boyce said...

Gavin's Gaily Digest reckons his party leader, Nick Clegg, should be called a tosser.

That is completely untrue Iain, and you know it. He said that Nick should be called a tossPOT, suggesting only that the party as a whole might be a “bunch of tossers.”