Tuesday, September 04, 2007

This is Not an Anti-Scottish Story. It's Funny.

The 1820 blog has a funny take on an advert for the political editorship of The Scotsman. Apparently "some travel to Scotland" may be required. Well strike me down with a feather duster.


Wrinkled Weasel said...

"candidates should be able to demonstrate an understanding of social and cultural life in contemporary Scotland" which is code for "English journalists need not apply". Blatant discrimination happens all the time in their media - the BBC is also famous for it.

Still, I am glad they have factored in regular visits to Scotland - long enough to get the black snot out of their noses (I get this every time I visit London).

Robert Burns said...

hey wrinkled weasel when was the last time the Scotsman had a Scot in their Westminster office.

I think travel to Scotland indicates must not be a Scot

On the Scotsman blog it is daily mocked at the North Brit cos it puts Scotland second to immersion in the London dominated Union

Adrian Yalland said...

Shame, I was interested in the job right up until that point!

BJ said...

Blatant discrimination happens all the time in their media - the BBC is also famous for it.

BBC Radio Scotland's man at Westminster is, er, English.

wonkotsane said...

I'd rather sign on.

tapestry said...

As for 'winkled weasel's black snot', he should stay on the west side of London. Richmond Park is highly recommended. Generally the air in London is a lot cleaner than many other land-locked capital cities in the world.

It's a poor lot for a Scot to live on the spot, head full of black snot, penning what's hot. Sassenach with private jet and mistress in Edinburgh required.

As for pollution and airport stress in London, I've got the answer. Kent International Airport previously RAF Marston, on the tip of Kent where damaged fighters and bombers headed in the war, is the perfect airport to be expanded to take 50 million PAX a year. Masses of space, and takeoff over the sea so no disturbance to any populations.

Flight noise over London would disappear. Pollution would be much less.

SuperFast trains make sense as airport-city links. They could get from St Pancras to KI in 20 minutes.

Heathrow could be a new high rise city - with 40 storey luxury - 10 per floor apartments with inbuilt leisure, shopping, schools and churches, sports facilities - combined with office buildings.

That's how they build in Asia. Why not at Heathrow? House a million there in a self contained city, and black snot could become a thing of the past. Even Scots might be interested.

Anonymous said...

wrinkled weasel, don't be so stupid. Surely if it's a paper published in Scotland, about Scotland, then it is obvious an edior should have an understanding of these issues. In fact the Scotsman has had English editors and journalists before.

Surely if I wanted to edit a paper in Cornwall it wouldn't unreasonable to expect me to "demonstrate an understanding of social and cultural life in contemporary Cornwall"?

Sorry, but it's only inward looking, narrow minded sour and sad little Englander racists like you who care about the "blood in people's veins". Guess what? The English seem perfectly happy with Gordon Brown. You think you speak for the people of England, but you don't even come close.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with being anti-Scotch?

Surreptitious Evil said...

Anon 9:04

Nothing much. Some people prefer brandy.

Or did you mean anti-Scots?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

It's interesting that those with the most to say don't have registered identities, and frankly, anything they say is devalued, which is why, if I take an opposing view to our host, I do it as me, knowing full well that Iain knows my real name.

Well sad little anonymous, 08.46, I have lived in Scotland for five years and I like it, but if you want racists, or sectarians, they are available in abundance here and they don't even bother to hide it.

I will say again, the media in Scotland has an anti-English recruitiment policy. There is not one TV presenter or reporter in Scottish Television, as far as I am aware.

You have,

Laura Kuennsberg, Andrew Neil, Gavin Essler, Andrew Marr, James Naughtie,Kirsty Wark, Kirsty Young, etc etc.

A few years ago, a sports commentator took BBC Scotland to court for discriminating against him on the grounds that he was English. They tried to wiggle out of it, they took it to the Lords for appeal and lost, and eventually had to settle out of court and compensate the journalist concerned.

It was well known at the time that English applicants were not wanted.
Stop talking out of your arses. I don't make this stuff up, and I do know what I am talking about.

As for black snot, I lived in Putney for some years and tend to agree with Tapestry that west is best.

Anonymous said...

wrinked weasel, I notice that, having been caught out making stupid claims about the Scotsman being racist and "discriminating" against the English, you now just change the subject on to some other perceived injustice. Typical tactics of an English Nazi-Democrat when they have been caught lying.

The fact that you can't name any English BBC presenters in Scotland does not in any way prove that there is a racist recruitment policy against the English. I don't hire any lesbians - does that mean I discriminate against gays? I can't name any Chinese BBC presenters for BBC Wales, does that mean BBC Wales discriminates against Chinese people? As for the discrimination case you mention, I can't find anything about it but maybe I'm not as good a googler as you are. Can we have a link please?

If this incident did happen (i.e., for real, not just in your imagination), then surely the fact that the BBC were forced to compensate the man in question proves that anti-discrimination legislation works and protects the English.. hardly institutional bias or racism, is it?

Gordon Brown is ahead in the opinion polls - so the English seem perfectly happy with the current set up.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Sorry, while you remain anonymous, I am not interested. Get yourself a regular identity, establish some kind of credible position. In the meantime you are just another ignorant anonymong and your opinions are effectively worthless.

That is all I have to say to you.

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA!!! Excuses, excuses.

You're a liar and don't have any evidence to back up your pathetic tall tales.

Gus A said...

Wrinkled Weasel you seem to have missed the point, which is of course that the craven (sorry i mean feral!!!) press is as anlo-centric as ever despte whatever hysteria is whipped up amongst the bloggerati.

As Ive said before one cant imagine what the election results would have been if it were not for the stout Unionist press steadfastly undermining efforts for self-determination by a drip drip of self-hatred and anti-Scottish coverage.